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Gradient table accent lighting

Gradient table accent lighting

Wired4Signs used their in-house manufacturing capabilities and expert product and material knowledge to produce this custom lighting solution. The project brief was to supply a linear LED lighting solution to run the length of dining tables for a promotional event. The lighting color needed to be accurately matched to the brand color and overall event lighting for a professional effect.

Table accent lighting  Table accent lighting overview

Custom white acrylic LED diffusers were designed manufactured in-house for the project. We combined these diffusers with an aluminum heat sink and our Hibiscus Series LED strip in RGB + Warm White. This 4-in-1 chip LED strip allows you to produce richer colors than standard RGB strip does.

Table accent lighting with people and glasses  Table accent lighting close-up

The lights were battery powered with our power tool battery adapter, lighting up the tables of this dinner party for three hours without needing the batteries changed.

If you need someone to help you produce a custom LED lighting solution for your project, contact Wired4Signs today. We have CNC routing, laser cutting and other fabrication facilities ready to serve you.

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