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Gradient table accent lighting

Gradient table accent lighting

Wired4Signs used their in-house manufacturing capabilities and expert product and material knowledge to produce this custom lighting solution. The project brief was to supply a linear LED lighting solution to run the length of dining tables for a promotional event. The lighting color needed to be accurately matched to the brand color and overall event lighting for a professional effect.

Table accent lighting  Table accent lighting overview

Custom white acrylic LED diffusers were designed manufactured in-house for the project. We combined these diffusers with an aluminum heat sink and our Hibiscus Series LED strip in RGB + Warm White. This 4-in-1 chip LED strip allows you to produce richer colors than standard RGB strip does.

Table accent lighting with people and glasses  Table accent lighting close-up

If you need someone to help you produce a custom LED lighting solution for your project, contact Wired4Signs today. We have CNC routing, laser cutting and other fabrication facilities ready to serve you.

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