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Launch of our very own multi-purpose A35 aluminum LED profile

Launch of our very own multi-purpose A35 aluminum LED profile

We are excited to anounce our, all new, Model A35 LED aluminum profile.

This profile has been designed to be our most versatile led profile yet!

Whether you are requiring a hanging LED boardroom table light,LED under cabinet lighting or a robust LED light line solution to replace failing outdoor string lights,problematic outdoor rope lights or fragile old neon lights -  the A35 is the perfect solution.

The A35 has super heat sink capabilities and pairs up nicely with our high power high CRI led strips .



Slots next to the heat sink provide excellent cable management for those long RGB LED light applications (color changing led lights)

The back of the profile is designed to allow for led pendant light applications

Or we can create your perfect led track lighting solution by hanging or surface mounting with neat little hidden clips 


We have designed the profile big enough to house waterproof LED modules to provide a robust solution for led shopfront applications and other outdoor lighting applications


Our clients have used this profile in the following applications so far:-

- LED grow light fixtures by using our LED plant grow lights

LED linear pendant lights or linear chandelier

LED border lights

- High CRI led strip housings for art and photography expos

 - Kitchen led light fixtures,kitchen pendant lighting,bathroom light fixtures

- Custom under cabinet lighting

 Our team in Knoxville,Tennessee are ready to answer all your questions regarding our products and custom make a fitting for you from our huge range of led channel. 



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