Tesa® 4965 Double-sided tape on our new LED strip

Tesa® 4965 Double-sided tape on our new LED strip
tesa® 4965 on our new LED Strip models
Many of our new led strip models are now coming with the tesa 4965 tape as opposed to the traditional 3M Tape

A little about tesa® 4965 ......

  • tesa® 4965 is a flagship product with the tesa tape portfolio
  • tesa® 4965 is comprised of a polyester backing coated on both side with a transparent modified acrylic adhesive.
  • Reliable bonding, even to low surface energy substrates
  • Very high bonding strength immediate right after assembly
  • Applicable for most the demanding applications those including heavy stress, high temperatures or critical substrates
  • Suitable for mounting and bonding applications in every industry.
see product spec sheet
tesa led strip


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  • James Pudney
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