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Exterior LED Light Strips

How to use LED soffit strip lighting to make your house glow.

LED strip light on exterior soffit fixtures can add a touch of elegance to your home or office with its many decorative and accent lighting options. LED ceiling lights and LED accent lights offer a variety of fixtures and color temperatures to choose from. You can find the perfect option for your needs.

We here at Wired4Signs USA represent some of the top outdoor LED tape lighting suppliers from Europe. We stock these display profiles at our warehouse in Knoxville, Tennessee, and can ship to all parts of the USA.

What is LED soffit strip lighting?

One of the most common ways to light a house's exterior is using soffit lighting. To produce a downlighting appearance, these exterior LED strips can be mounted into soffits (i.e., any area under an overhang), roofs, porch overhangs, and eaves. Brightening up the architecture of your house may do wonders for the way it looks from the outside. 

Easy-to-install outdoor LED soffit lighting is an affordable, versatile, and effective solution for your industrial and commercial lighting applications, ideal for any type of lighting style, from white light to exterior RGB LED strip lighting. It gives extra, bright light while improving the way your house looks from the outside

Benefits of using LED strip soffit lighting.When you want to add quality light to the exterior of your home, not all types of lighting fixtures will do the work. Here are a few notable benefits of using LED strip soffit fixtures on your house.

Energy saving - LED strips can use up to 85% less energy than other lighting sources such as incandescent bulbs.

Less maintenance - Our LED strip lights for outdoor use have a lifespan 20 times longer than that of regular lights. This implies that lighting maintenance will be reduced drastically. Soffit lighting fixtures can last 11 years being used 12 hours a day. All of this translates to not needing to replace soffit lighting as frequently, which is a significant bonus.

Water-resistant - A good soffit LED lighting fixture should be outdoors rated to use in damp or wet environments. We offer exterior LED tape lights perfect for any type of environment.

Security Lighting - Having a well-lit house at night has never been easier, you can connect your outdoor LED tape soffit system to a dimmer to create a soft glow of light.

Resin-filled LED soffit channels.

exterior led light strips

In order to create a fully water-resistant outdoor fixture, it's extremely important to use the correct products, Here are some of the best lighting profiles on the market that can be resin-filled for all types of projects:

Waterproof LED Channel ~ Model Roma Easy On IP65 and Roma XL - Our Patented "Easy On" LED Channels system provides a "double siphon" to prevent humidity and water from penetrating the Waterproof LED Channel and officially reaching an IP65 waterproof rating. Perfect for any outdoor LED strip lighting ideas.

Recessed Aluminum LED Channel ~ Model Berlin-IP65 Waterproof and Berlin XL - Our LED profile is manufactured with high-purity aluminum, silver anodized, and black. It is ideal for embedding in furniture, shelving, installing LED strip lights under eaves, and other areas where a profile with a dot-free effect is required.

Waterproof LED Channel ~ Model Versalles - This unique surface-mount Waterproof LED Channel comes with an extra space that serves as a wire conduit when running long lengths. It can be used in places with high levels of humidity. Combine this with our outdoor-rated LED strip lights to create a complete waterproof installation.

The base aluminum profile, diffuser, end caps, and mounting channel clips make up the components for a complete outdoor soffit fixture. They can be purchased separately and cut to size using a hand saw. Check out our blog post on tips for cutting led channels.

Resin encapsulation for high outdoor LED protection.

exterior led lighting strips

We can help you in meeting the requirements of high-protection LED lighting applications, including outdoor street lighting, soffit Lighting systems, ambient lighting, in-ground pathway lighting, swimming pools, signage, LED landscape strip lighting, etc.

Resin encapsulation is ideal for exterior LED strip soffit lighting as we use polyurethane resin. Normal epoxy will turn yellow over time whereas our UV-stable resin will maintain its true color. With simple and efficient designs, our resin encapsulating technique offers a seamless look. The result is a seamless line of light and aesthetically clean light designs.

Contact us for a free quote to turn any LED strip light soffit fixture into a fully waterproof installation.

Why buy outdoor soffit LED strip lighting from us?

  • The LED soffit strip lighting profiles we carry are manufactured in either the USA or Europe to high-quality standards.
  • Our LED soffit strip lighting fixtures are normally stocked and supplied from the USA.
  • To minimize the requirement for joining, several LED soffit strip lighting fixtures are offered in 3 meters (9.84 ft) lengths.
  • Best customer support - Chat with one of our lighting experts in the bottom right corner of the screen for a quick expert consultation.
  • Call us at (865) 339-4956 if you need some extra assistance, we are ready to help.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What are the best exterior LED soffit lights?

A: The best LED tape light for outdoor fixtures is the White High CRI IP68 Waterproof LED Strip (24V) ~ White Iris Series as it offers stable performance and a long lifespan due to top-quality LED chips and thick FPC.

Q: How do you cut aluminum LED channels and diffusers?

A: A hacksaw with a fine cutting blade works well for cutting LED profiles. More details are available here: Tips on cutting LED profiles and covers.

Q: Are the diffusers and other accessories sold separately?

A: Yes, exterior led lighting strips, the power supply, end caps, diffusers, and mounting clips are sold separately.

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