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Programmable LED Solutions

Our LED controls are divided into two major groups: PWM (pulse width modulation) and SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface).

PWM control is suited to applications where whole groups of LEDs are dimmed, flash or change colour.
It it is not suited to uses where individual LEDs need to be programmed to produce movements (such as moving waves of colour) but works very well where groups of LEDs are to be controlled (such as individual letters in a sign or rooms in a house).
If your application requires the control of groups of LEDs then see our
DMX controllers.

SPI control is suited to controlling individual LEDs as pixels to create any effect you wish. It has even been used to build LED screens!

You will need the following items to complete your SPI project:

Pick a digital controller

Our remote controller (on the left) is recommended as it is easy to use.

Pixel controllers have to be programmed. Projects requiring custom pixel control are best assembled by an experienced programmer. Contact us for help.

Pick an addressable LED

Pick a profile to house your LEDs

And lastly...

An army marches on its stomach. A quality power supply is essential for a successful, lasting digital LED bonanza.