LED Light Strip For General Home Use

What You Need For LED Strip For Around Your Home
Step 1 :- Choose LED Strip
We have a selection of standard LED colors ,RGB Color Changing,RGB Plus White
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Step 2 :- Choose A LED Housing Style
Why should I use an Aluminum profile?
  • provide an aesthetically pleasing finish
  • provide a good clean mounting surface for the LED strips to bond onto
  • provide a good heat sink to increase LED life (wood ,plastic are insulators and can over-heat LED's)
  • provide physical protection
  • provide light diffusion to give even illumination
  • can be cut to exact length using a saw suitable for cutting aluminum
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Step 3 :- Choose a power supply

All our LED strip has a wattage rating per meter (=3.28 ft).

Work out the the total meterage of your project and add a safety loss factor of 20%

EG. your desired led strip has a wattage rating of 4.8watts per meter and you require a total of 10 meters( 32.80 ft)
10 x 4.8watt + 20% =57.60 watts

The round up to the nearest waterproof of non-waterproof power supply wattage rating

In this case a indoor
75 Watt unit or a outdoor 60w unit

We can assist you in every step of the way - don't freak out!!

Our sales men have years of experience in these projects !!

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Step 4 :- Choose a dimmer or controller
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