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Push Button Dimmer Switch Wi-Fi Insert ~ inBox by BleBox

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Push Button Dimmer Switch Wi-Fi Insert ~ inBox by BleBox
  • Connect a normal pushbutton wherever you want, without wires
  • inBox is a miniature module that allows you to control devices using a push-button, without the need to connect them with wires, without restrictions.
  • Control all devices from a Push Button Dimmer Switch
  • Install it wherever you want, without wires
  • You can choose all kind of monostable push-button without interfering with interior design
  • Automatically open your roller shutter from your bed using your Push Button Dimmer Switch
  • Install it in furniture to control devices even from your desk
  • The Push Button Dimmer Switch battery works for 5 years.
  • by using inBox is possible to control other devices with µWiFi technology: doors, roller shutters, lighting, and other electric devices.
  • inBox gives complete freedom for interior design... It works with every mono-stable push-button.
  • The installation of a new push-button never was so simple – no chasing walls, no renovations, can be added a new wall push-button for the lighting, push-button to open the roller shutters or gate – not only in the wall but also in the table.
  • Everywhere, even in the shower ( because the fact that to work this device needs only a small 3V battery), it is completely safe also in places where traditional 230V switches are dangerous.
  • InBOX User Guide
  • In-stock items ship same day from Knoxville, TN, USA.
  • Push Button Dimmer Switch is NOT included