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Infrared Grow Light LED Strip 840-845nm

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Infrared radiation (IR), more commonly referred to as heat, exists in the electromagnetic spectrum between 700nm and 1mm, which just outside of the visible spectrum. Just like other variables that affect plants, IRs effect on plants is a delicate balance. Some IR is necessary for critical plant processes, while too much can be harmful to the plant and will increase your operational expenditures. Excessive amounts of infrared radiation, often found in high-pressure sodium lights, can damage plants by raising the ambient temperature of a grow facility to unsafe levels. Furthermore, lights with high amounts of IR can also radiate harmful amounts of heat directly at plants. Either way, excessive heat dries out plants, stunts growth, and lowers the quality of the harvestable product. Even if plants are seemingly unaffected by high heat, farmers still waste substantial amounts of water from evaporation both directly from the soil and the plants transpiration process. Infrared strip led has become widely used Grow Lighting. Our Infrared LED Strips, with a wavelength of 840-845nm, is perfect for this application.

Use this strip with one of our aluminum LED profiles to create your own grow lights.

Type: LED Infared Strip
Wattage: 9.6W/m (3.28ft)
LED Chips per Meter/3.28ft: SMD3528 120LED/m (3.28ft)
Voltage: DC12v
IP Rating: IP20
PCB Width: 10mm (0.394inches)
Cuttable Every: 25mm (0.98inches)
RollSize: Sold Per 5m/16.4ft Roll
Colors: Wavelength: 840-845nm
Warranty: 3 Year (50 000 hour lifespan)

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