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Wi-Fi Motion Sensor ~ ProxiBox

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Wi-Fi Motion Sensor ~ ProxiBox

  • µWiFi module for proximity control of other wBOX devices.
  • ProxiBox - module for proximity control of other wBox devices.
  • The technology used to detect the proximity of objects makes that is not necessary any adjustment of its sensitivity. It self-calibrates in a matter of seconds.
  • Multifunctional Wi-Fi Motion Sensor
  • Perfectly integrated with the Phone app for programming
  • wireless Wi-Fi Motion Sensor
  • 30 programmable actions
  • Wi-Fi Motion Sensor distinguishes between short and long signals.
  • Installing the controller under a table or tiles gives you complete freedom to use its functions when you are around. Its installation does not disturb the interior design concept at all.
  • The sensor operates on 12 - 24V, which means safety even when the sensor is used in places exposed to contact with water.
  • We all know that we carry the most bacteria on our hands. In environments with high sterility requirements, the use of the proxiBox is the basis for safety and compliance with the highest hygiene standards to turn on lights for example.
  • ProxiBox User Guide.
  • In-stock Wi-Fi Motion Sensors ship the same day from Powell, TN, USA.
  • Made in Poland

Also referred to as a 

  • wifi touch sensor
  • wifi capacitive detector