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Interior LED Trailer Lights

Which trailers can I install LED trailer lights in?

You can install LED trailer lights in semi-trucks, cargo trailers, cargo vans, race trailers and on utility trailers. Read our breakdown on each vehicle for more information.

LED lights for semi-truck interiors

Installing LED lighting inside your semi-truck's trailer is highly beneficial! With LED lighting in your truck's trailer you'll have a far easier time loading and unloading, especially at night. As a trucker this will save you time and money.

Proper semi-truck interior lighting can also increase safety by preventing accidental injury. Stop wasting time setting up a work light, and simply flip a switch to light up your semi-trailer interior.

Unlike other options, we can customize our LED lights for Semi-trucks to fit any space, including curtain side trailers. If you don't know where to start, take some photos of the inside of your truck and send them to us. Then we'll get back to you to determine your preferences, so that we can provide the perfect LED lights for inside your truck.

Get in touch if you're looking for LED lights for the interior of your truck.

row of semi-trucks

Enclosed trailer LED lights - Lighting for inside cargo trailers

Are you looking for cargo trailer interior lights? The products in this collection combine to create a lighting fixture for enclosed trailers of any size. Cargo trailer interior lights make it easier to load, unload and work in your trailer. They also help prevent accidental injury and deter theft.

Do you need interior trailer lights, but don't know where to start? Send us a picture of the inside of your trailer and we'll help you make the perfect LED lights for your situation.

white enclosed cargo trailer

LED lights for cargo vans

If you use your cargo van for deliveries or as a portable workstation, interior LED lighting is essential. It's time to stop digging around in the dark for that package or tool and install some lighting.

Instead of selling ready-made kits, these products allow you to customize the lighting for your van. if you're not sure where to start, send us some photos of your van's interior. We'll get the ideal cargo van LED lights into your hands.

red cargo van

Race trailer lighting

You lit up the track, now it's time to light up your trailer. LEDs are extremely energy efficient so running them in your trailer won't instantly drain your car's battery. LED lights in your racing trailer make it easier to operate in, and help you stand out from the crowd.

Utility trailers

Whether you use your trailer at night, or you just want add some wow factor for on the road, our LEDs are up to the task. Our profile and strip will combine to create fully waterproof fixtures. Because of this you can install them on the outside of your trailer, not just the inside. We also have the ability to resin fill the Roma. This produces a fixture that is waterproof to the point that it can be fully submerged in water for no limit of time.

Why use the Roma LED channel?

We consider the Roma to be our LED channel most suited to interior trailer lighting for two reasons. One, it creates a waterproof fixture, something that we would consider a requirement for any trailer lighting. Two, its simplicity makes it highly versatile.

We sell the Roma with a 10-year guarantee, and our compatible diffusers have a 4-year guarantee. That's how confident we are in its quality. With the Roma, you won't need to worry about interior trailer lighting again for a long time.

Why use our Trailer Series waterproof 12V LED strip?

We recommend this LED strip for 12V LED interior lights, for four simple reasons.

  1. The Trailer Series LED strip has an IP68 waterproofness rating.
  2. 12-volt rating matches the voltage of the majority of semi-trucks and trailers.
  3. High quality strip made in Europe. Comes with a 3-year warranty.
  4. High energy efficiency of LEDs provides ample light without draining your battery.

The Trailer Series strip produces a powerful white light that will light up every corner of your trailer. Note that the LED light strip is dimmable, so when installed with a dimmer you can adjust the brightness to your preference. This way you can produce accent lighting, if so desired.

For color options you can check out our RGB Strips here.

Accessories and add-Ons for 12V LED trailer lights

Bluetooth trailer lights

Wanting the convenience of controlling Your LED trailer lights from your phone? You can easily wire in one of PWM4 Casambi controllers with 12V LED interior lights. The actual hardware is high quality and built to last, while their app is extremely easy to use. If you struggle with setting up your Bluetooth devices in the app, check out our Casambi App Tutorials.

Here's a quick video showing you how to wire the PWM4.

Light sensor for 12V trailer interior lights

We said earlier why set up a work light when you can flip a switch. Now we say, why flip a switch when you can have your lights turn themselves on. The Blebox Miniature Light Sensor will automatically turn on the LED lights in your truck interior when you open the back doors.

The sensor can take 12-24V making it compatible with our Trailer Series LED strip. For best results try to install it close to the door. This way it can easily detect the change in light.

It's also easy to install. See this quick tutorial video;

Battery powered LED trailer lights

How will you turn on your LED trailer light if you haven't hitched up your vehicle? If this is something you want to do consider our Power Tool Battery Adaptor. Simply slot a 12V Dewalt battery or equivalent into the adaptor and illuminate your enclosed trailer.

power tool battery adaptor for LEDs

Please make sure to use a 12V battery otherwise you could blow the Trailer LED strip. Also make sure to never power your lights from the vehicle and the battery at the same time. Remember, the LED interior lights are only 12V. Powering from the vehicle and the battery simultaneously will blow your LED light strip.

Use batteries like this.

12 Volt DeWalt Power Tool Batteries

Waterproof your 12V LED interior lights

The Roma and Trailer Series LED strip are great for semi-truck interior lighting because they're waterproof. Just take note that their ratings are not automatic: steps are required to achieve waterproofness.

On the LED strip add silicone to any uninsulated wiring. The most important areas are the solder joints.

To seal the Roma, you'll need to use its compatible end caps. Use our LED sealant to attach and waterproof the end caps. Also make sure to fill any holes made to run wiring with silicone.

silicon and end cap

Why buy LED trailer lights from us?

  • Highest-quality products made in Europe and the USA, not China.
  • Excellent customer support. We'll resolve any issues you encounter while installing your LEDs.
  • 20 years of LED lighting experience.
  • Custom solutions - We build custom solutions to perfectly suit your truck interior.


Q: Do I need to use a power supply with LED light strips for semi-trucks?

A. No. Almost all semi-trucks in the USA use a 12-volt battery. Therefore, the power running to the trailer is also 12V which is perfect for our Trailer Series LED Strip. 24V batteries are quite common in international trucks. If this is the case with your truck you'll need to transform the power down to 12 volts with a power supply.

Q: Will these interior lights run my battery flat?

A. Yes, they will after some time, if your vehicle's engine is not running. Consider using the power tool battery adaptor to power your strip without burning fuel. Don't power the strip with your car and a battery simultaneously, or you will overload it and cause failure.

Q: Can I power interior trailer lights without hitching up to a vehicle?

A. Yes, use our Power Tool Battery Adaptor to light up your trailer with DeWalt and DeWalt-equivalent batteries.

Q: Will these LEDs work in a refrigerated truck?

A. Yes, LEDs are well suited to reefers. They function perfectly in cold temperatures. LEDs emit about 12 times less heat than other light types, which means less energy used on keeping your trailer cold.

Q: Are LED interior lights worth it?

A. Yes, LEDs consume less energy, saving you money. They emit less heat, increasing safety. And they are easy to install in your commercial truck.

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