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Laser Cutting Services

The Wired4Signs micro-factory is situated in Powell, Tennessee near to Knoxville. Our facilities include CNC router cutters, laser cutters and 3D printing equipment.

We offer laser cutting services for hobbyists and on a wholesale basis for signage manufacturers and other display industry sectors with quick turnaround times and shipping to anywhere in the USA.

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Precision laser cutting

The services that we offer cover a huge variety of cutting materials. Just some of the services we provide include:

  • laser wood cutting service
  • plywood laser cutting service
  • acrylic laser cutting service 
  • textile laser cutting service
  • laser cutting prototype service
  • balsa wood laser cutting service
  • precision laser cutting services

Our professional machines and quick turnaround times allow rapid prototyping and high-quality cut edge, and our facility allows for production runs and blind shipping or drop shipping services.

Professional equipment

Our high-end laser machine inventory includes the following:

300W high-power laser with a 4x8' laser cutting surface

This laser machine offers a massive full-sheet 4x8ft bed which allows us to cut high volume production jobs with minimal wastage.

full-sheet laser cutting service

Dual-head 60x40" laser cutter

Our dual-head 60x40" laser cutter and laser etching machine allows "double the speed" production runs for smaller parts.

 textile laser cutting service

Common applications for laser cutting

Our laser cutting facility offers a wholesale outsource laser cutting for jobs such as:

  • acrylic cut to size
  • laser cut letters wood
  • laser cut wood letters
  • custom laser cutting
  • laser cut acrylic
  • laser metal cutting
  • laser engraving machine
  • laser signage
  • laser cut wood signs
  • laser cut signs

Manufacturing by Wired4Signs

Our company offers the expertise in CNC machining, structural adhesives like our MMA glues, standoffs, LED edge lighting as well as acrylic fabrication and acrylic bending.

Here are a few examples of our work...

Our 4x8ft laser cutter in action

Plywood laser cutting service

plywood laser cutting service for signs
plywood laser cutting service for products
plywood laser cutting service close up

LED edge-lit signs

edge-lit signage manufacturer in Knoxville

Acrylic laser cutting services

acrylic laser cutting services for signs

Textile laser cutting services

textile laser cutting services

Inquire today about our laser cutting service

Frequently asked questions

Q: What materials are suitable for cutting with a laser cutter?

A: Laser cutting is suitable for flat wood-based materials such as plywood, balsa wood and OSB board as well as for acrylic and other plastic sheeting. Laser cutting can also be used for cutting textiles.

Q: Can I cut metal with a laser cutter?

A: No, metals are not suitable for cutting on a laser cutter because the laser beam is reflected by the metal surface, greatly reducing its ability to cut the material.

Q: Are you able to laser cut a very large design for me?

A: Yes, our laser cutting service is capable of cutting a full standard 4x8' sheet of material.

Q: Is laser cutting only used for cutting shapes out of acrylic?

A: No, our laser cutters can also operate at reduced power to laser etch designs on acrylic sheet. This technique is perfect for creating edge-lit signage.

Q: Can you create my design artwork for laser cutting?

A: Yes, send us your idea and our service team can produce the laser cutting design for you.