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About Wired4Signs USA

Wired4Signs is highly recommended on Alignable

Wired4Signs, established in 2004, are suppliers of selected LED lighting solutions to the signage, architectural, residential and commercial industries.

We are based in Knoxville, TN, USA where our micro-factory provides product solutions as well as a host of value added services to manufacturers and designers.

We specialize in solutions for ...

The signage and display industry

What sets of us apart from the average LED supplier is that W4S has a wealth of experience in the actual manufacture of signage and the demands of being a corporate signage manufacturer. We understand your requirements!

General lighting

We work together with lighting wholesalers, lighting designers and architects to provide the end user with the perfect solution for their applications

The result has been that we have earned the respect of not only our customers, but also our suppliers from around the globe.


Value Added Services