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LED Channels for Sale

Best-Priced LED Channels for Sale

LED channels, also known as LED profiles, are aluminum tracks designed to house and protect LED strips. These LED channels not only enhance the aesthetics of your lighting setup and gives a professional-looking finish but also provide a practical solution for mounting and securing your LED strips.

Architects and designers are turning to LED lighting channels due to their aesthetics, versatility and energy-efficient properties. Wired4Signs USA's various LED profiles provide a housing for the LED strip to suit almost any application. In addition, the LED channels for sale from us act as a LED diffuser and heat exchanger to provide sufficient thermal control for the LED tape lighting. The LED strip light cover prevents dust build-up on electrical components, and when required, you can produce dotless LED strip lights. An LED frame system usually includes the aluminum channel, a diffuser or cover, end caps, and mounting hardware. Our LED tape light profiles are typically extruded from aluminum but some special low-wattage installations are made of plastic.

LED channel diffuser choices include white (opal frosted), frosted, clear, prismatic, and more recently black. An LED black diffuser is black when off and changes to the LED color when on. A good example to check the performances of the various diffusers can be found in our blogs and specifically in our SL7 diffuser test.

Types of LED channels for sale on our website

Wired4Signs offers an extensive selection of LED lighting channels and accessories for sale. We offer LED strip light solutions for applications such as:

  • Plaster-in LED channel or Ceiling LED channel
  • LED baseboard and skirting channel
  • Staircase LED strip lighting
  • LED tape channels for tiles
  • Recessed LED lighting channels
  • Surface mounted LED profiles
  • Corner LED lighting
  • Pendant or suspended LED profiles
  • LED strip tube diffuser
  • Architectural strip light
  • Black LED profiles
  • Large LED channels
  • Plastic LED channels 

Multiple Purposes of LED Channel in Lighting Applications

  • Protection: LED channels provide a protective cover for LED strips. This prevents physical damage, dust, and moisture from affecting the LEDs, thereby prolonging their lifespan.
  • Heat Dissipation: LEDs can generate some heat when they're in operation. The channel acts as a heat sink, helping to dissipate this heat effectively. This is crucial for maintaining the optimal performance and longevity of the LED strips.
  • Light Diffusion: Some LED channels come with diffusers (usually made of materials like polycarbonate or acrylic) that help spread the light more evenly. This can reduce glare and create a more uniform and pleasing illumination. The LED strip light covers act as a diffuser, a LED diffuser channel, resulting in a more diffused and uniform light output.
  • Neat and Professional Installation: LED light channel secure and organize the LED light strip, ensuring a tidy and professional installation.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: LED channels come in various styles, finishes, and designs. They can be surface-mounted, recessed, or suspended, allowing for a wide range of creative lighting solutions. This makes them not only functional but also visually appealing.
  • Easy Installation: LED channels are designed for easy installation. We offer all the accessories needed like end caps, mounting clips, and diffusers, making the setup process straightforward. Additionally, LED channels for strip lights allow for easy and concealed wiring, minimizing the visibility of cables and connections.
  • Customization: LED channel can be customized to a wide range of LED strip lights, allowing for versatility in lighting choices. They are available in different lengths, shapes, designs, and configurations, allowing for a tailored lighting customization for different spaces and applications.
  • Durability: Aluminum channel for LED strips provide durability, ensuring the LED light strip is well-protected and long-lasting with this LED channel cover.

Benefits of Using Aluminum LED Channels in Modern Lighting Design

Our aluminum LED channels are used in modern lighting fixtures that protects LED strips while also improving the overall aesthetics of the lighting fixtures. Wired4signs USA also offers extruded aluminum profiles that come in different shapes and sizes, allowing for flexibility in any design solution you need.

In addition to their visual appeal, our LED profile also offer numerous benefits, including durability, heat dissipation, and longevity. Our LED channel lighting also provide heat dissipation for LED light strips, which helps to extend the lifespan of the LED chips.

LED channels are used in a variety of applications, both in residential and commercial settings. Some common applications include:

  • LED under cabinet lighting or kitchen cabinets
  • Cove ceiling lighting
  • LED Signage
  • Display or shelves lighting
  • Stair lighting
  • Outdoor lighting (patios, decks, or walkways)
  • Backlight or supplementary lighting
  • Residential decorative lighting
  • Indoor lighting (offices, supermarkets, factories, shopping malls, etc.)

LED Light Tape: Low Voltage LED Strip Lighting

LED light tape, also known as LED strip lighting, is an innovative and versatile lighting solution that offers low voltage operation and a range of exciting applications. One of the key components for maximizing the performance and aesthetics of LED light tape is the LED light diffuser. LED light diffusers come in various forms, including LED channels and LED channel diffusers, which help enhance the uniformity and dispersion of light emitted by the LED tape.

To ensure proper installation and enhanced functionality, LED aluminum channels are recommended for LED channel lighting tape. These LED strip channel not only provide a robust structure but also serve as effective heat sinks, enabling optimal performance and long lifespan for the LED strips. LED strip channels are designed to securely hold the LED light tape in place, facilitating easy installation and offering protection. Additionally, these LED light channels contribute to a clean and professional finish, elevating the overall aesthetics of the lighting setup.

Channel lighting with LED strip light channel offers numerous advantages. The channels act as conduits, allowing for concealed wiring and seamless integration of the LED light tape. This feature of LED tape light channel is particularly beneficial when installing the lights on ceilings or in areas where a streamlined appearance is desired. Moreover, the availability of LED strip covers, such as diffused LED strip cover, helps create a softer and more evenly distributed light, reducing glare and producing a visually pleasing ambiance.

Flexible LED Channel For RGB Tape Light

The use of RGB tape light has revolutionized the world of lighting, offering dynamic and customizable illumination options. To further enhance the functionality and aesthetics of these lights, the incorporation of a flexible LED channel becomes paramount. This innovative solution not only provides a secure mounting platform but also acts as an effective LED channeling system, optimizing the light distribution and minimizing glare.

One of the key advantages of a flexible LED channel is its ability to accommodate RGB tape light seamlessly. The LED strip lights with channel is designed specifically to house and protect the delicate tape light, ensuring its longevity and reliable performance. By utilizing a LED strip light track system within the channel, the tape light is securely held in place, eliminating any concerns about dislodgment or damage. Additionally, the LED channel system often comes with a diffuser, such as a light diffuser tape or a LED diffuser tube, which further disperses the light and creates a softer, more uniform illumination.

The versatility of the flexible LED channel for RGB LED aluminum strip lights is another notable feature. It can be easily mounted in various settings and surfaces, providing endless installation possibilities. Whether it's LED track lighting strips or low profile LED strip lights, the LED channel with diffuser can accommodate different requirements. The aluminum or metal channel for LED strip light mounting ensures durability and acts as an effective heat sink, maximizing the lifespan of the LED tape light. 

Benefits of Using LED Light Channel Diffusers

Utilizing LED strip channel with diffuser offers numerous advantages when it comes to lighting applications. One key benefit is the effective diffusion of light that the LED strip diffuser channel provide. By incorporating a LED light channel with diffuser, such as a LED diffuser tape or plastic lighting diffusers, the harshness of direct LED light is softened, resulting in a more uniform and pleasing illumination. This is particularly important for diffuse LED strip light, as it helps to eliminate any hotspots or glare, creating a seamless and visually appealing lighting effect.

Another advantage of using diffuser for LED strip channels is the improved protection and durability they offer. The aluminum channel with diffuser acts as a protective housing for the LED strip, shielding it from external elements, accidental impacts, and dust accumulation. The LED diffuser light and LED defuser, combined with the channel, help to extend the lifespan of the LED strip by reducing the risk of damage and ensuring consistent performance over time.

LED channels and diffusers also provide convenient mounting options. The LED strip mounting channel allows for easy and secure installation of the LED strip, ensuring stability and reliability. Additionally, certain aluminum led channels feature a 45 degree LED channel design, allowing for angled lighting setups and greater flexibility in directing the light where it is desired. This versatility of aluminum LED channel and diffuser makes them suitable for various applications, whether it's accent lighting, task lighting, or decorative lighting.

Furthermore, these LED strip aluminum channel with diffusers often come with LED light covers, which further enhance the aesthetic appeal of the lighting installation. The covers can be transparent, frosted, or tinted, allowing for customization and creating the desired lighting ambiance. With the combination of the LED light channel diffuser and plastic cover for LED strip lights, the overall lighting experience is enhanced, providing a visually pleasing and professional finish to any lighting project.

Outdoor LED Strip Light Track

Outdoor LED strip light track is a great way to add decorative and functional lighting to your outdoor space. The LED channel track provides a sturdy and weatherproof housing for your aluminium LED strip light, and the LED difuser helps to distribute the light evenly. Outdoor LED strip track is available in a variety of styles and sizes, so you can find the perfect one to match your needs.

Crafted from premium-grade materials, this channel light track for LED strip lighting provides a secure housing for your LED strips, protecting them from the elements while ensuring long-lasting performance. The LED extrusion channel offers structural stability and heat dissipation, maximizing the lifespan of your diffused LED strips. With our outdoor LED diffuser track, you can trust that your outdoor lighting will withstand the test of time, maintaining its brilliance and quality even in the harshest weather conditions.  

Our outdoor LED channel track is designed to seamlessly integrate with various recessed LED strip lights, allowing you to customize and optimize your outdoor lighting setup. Whether you prefer warm or cool lighting tones, our channel lighting system accommodates a wide range of LED strip light profile options, ensuring you achieve the desired ambiance for your outdoor spaces. With our interior LED strip lights for ceiling applications, you can even bring the enchanting glow indoors, extending the beauty and functionality of our aluminum LED track to your interior design projects. 

If you are looking for a way to add beautiful and functional lighting to your outdoor space, then outdoor LED strip light channel track is a great option. Here are some of the things you can do with outdoor LED light aluminum channel track:  

  • Light up your walkway or patio
  • Highlight your landscaping
  • Create a decorative border around your pool or spa
  • Add accent lighting to your deck or patio furniture
  • Illuminate your entryway or garage

No matter what your needs are, outdoor aluminum channel for LED tape light track can help you create a beautiful and inviting outdoor space.

Black LED Strip Light Channel for a Modern Lighting Experience

Enhance your lighting setup with our Black LED Strip Light Channel for a truly modern lighting experience. Designed with both style and functionality in mind, our black aluminum LED channel provides a sleek and contemporary solution for housing and concealing LED strip lights.

Whether you're looking to create a striking corner display or a seamless, concealed strip light installation for your place, our LED channel black offers versatility and ease of use. With its extra-wide design, it accommodates various LED strip sizes and provides optimal light diffusion. Our LED aluminum channel system, complete with a cover, ensures a professional and polished look while protecting your LED strip housing.

From accentuating tiles to adding a touch of elegance to any space, our black LED channel is the perfect choice. Illuminate your surroundings with sophistication and efficiency with our waterproof LED strip channel and white LED channel options.

Uses of Aluminium Channel for LED Strip Lighting

  • Ideal for under cabinet LED lighting, providing a seamless and professional installation.
  • Perfect for tile edge LED strip light applications, creating a sleek and integrated look.
  • Offers a recessed LED strip lighting channel option, allowing for a clean and flush installation.
  • Suitable for ceiling LED strip channel, providing even and ambient illumination.
  • Specifically designed for corner LED strip channels, enabling smooth transitions and continuity.
  • Provides a durable and reliable LED strip light housing in high-quality aluminum material.
  • Enables easy mounting of LED tape lights with the LED tape light mounting channel option.
  • Ensures secure and stable installation of aluminum LED strip light, enhancing longevity and performance.
  • Can also be used for creating stunning LED bathroom tile lights.

Corner LED Strip Channels

Our collection of corner LED strip channels offers a wide range of options to elevate your lighting projects. Whether you need a 45 degree aluminum LED channel or a LED strip light channel 90 degree corners, we have so many options that you can choose from. These LED u channel provide the perfect solution for achieving seamless transitions and elegant illumination in any LED aluminum channel with cover. With our high-quality LED aluminum extrusion designed specifically for LED strip lights, you can create stunning lighting effects in various settings.

Our selection includes LED diffuser channel corner suitable for LED strip lighting, ensuring a secure and professional installation whether your using 10mm LED channel or 12mm LED channel. From low profile strip lighting to micro LED strip lights, our corner LED strip channel accommodate different types of LED strips, including those for Philips hue light strip channel, kichler 24v LED tape light, klus LED tape light, surface mount LED strip, ribbon lighting, rope light channel and micro-alu LED strip channel. The recessed LED strip channel offer a clean and refined look, while the plastic channel for LED strip lights provide durability and flexibility.

With our corner aluminium channel for LED strip lighting, you can achieve precise 45 degree lighting angles and 90 degree LED diffuser channel corner, allowing for seamless integration into your lighting design. Explore our collection today and transform your lighting vision into a reality.

Enhancing Spaces with Architectural Linear Lighting Solutions

Architectural spaces are transformed with the innovative use of linear LED channels, offering a sophisticated and efficient lighting solution. These linear LED channels seamlessly integrate into architectural elements, such as coves and recessed areas, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any space. Customizable to fit specific dimensions, these channels can be linked to create continuous runs of light, adding depth and visual interest to the environment.

Installation of linear LED channels is straightforward, suitable for both new constructions and retrofit projects. We offer a complete lighting fixtures equipped with mounting clips or pre-drilled holes, these channels ensure a hassle-free setup, resulting in a professional and polished look. Adjustable brightness levels further enhance their appeal, enabling users to tailor the lighting to suit specific requirements and preferences.

How To Choose The right Linear Lighting for your Architectural Design

1. Size and Placement - Determine the size of the space and the desired lighting effect to select the appropriate fixture length. Consider the placement of the linear fixtures, whether recessed, surface-mounted, suspended, or wall-mounted, based on the architectural features and desired lighting distribution

2. Lighting Output and Beam Spread - Calculate the required light output (measured in lumens) based on the space's size and desired illumination levels. Choose the appropriate beam spread (measured in degrees) for the desired lighting effect, with wider beam spreads for general lighting and narrower beam spreads for accent lighting

3. Color Temperature and CRI - Select the color temperature (measured in Kelvin) that aligns with the desired ambiance, with warmer color temperatures (2700K-3000K) for residential settings and cooler color temperatures (3500K-4000K) for commercial spaces.  Consider the Color Rendering Index (CRI) to ensure accurate color rendering, with a CRI of 90+ providing the highest quality of light

4. Finish and Mounting - Choose a finish that complements the architectural style and color scheme of the space. Determine the appropriate mounting type, such as recessed, surface-mounted, suspended, or wall-mounted, based on the space's construction and desired lighting effect

5. Sustainability and Efficiency - Opt for energy-efficient LED linear lighting fixtures to reduce energy consumption and operating costs. 

By carefully considering these factors and selecting the right linear lighting fixtures, you can create a cohesive and visually appealing architectural design that enhances the space's functionality and aesthetics.

    Why buy LED channels from us?

    • Our LED channels are either made in the USA or Europe and are therefore high quality.
    • Our architectural linear lighting channels can accommodate Vega 95 LED reflectors. Vega 95 is the new range of highly reflective aluminum with 95% total reflectance. The key features of Vega 95 allow users to improve optical performance and optimize the luminous efficiency of lighting equipment by 10 – 20%, with potential energy savings of 20% or more.
    • Some of our tape light channels have connectors and have the option of long coils of diffusers to enable you to produce seamless long LED light strips.
    • We are one of the trusted LED channel lighting suppliers in Tennessee, United States.
    • We stock most of our products near Knoxville, TN, and can usually ship out at short notice.
    • We can react quickly to large order requests as we deal directly with LED channel manufacturers.

    What are common LED channel uses?

    • Under counter LED lights
    • Floating shelves with lights
    • Bar shelves with lights
    • Home bar lighting
    • LED lighting over picture frames
    • LED under cabinet lighting
    • Wall mounted sconce lighting


    Q: What do LED channels do?
    A: LED channels used to provide protection and aesthetics to LED strip lights. LED profiles act as a housing or casing for the LED strips, offering a secure and durable mounting solution. Additionally, LED channels often have features such as diffusers or lenses, which help to distribute and soften the light emitted by the LED strips, resulting in a more even and pleasing illumination. They also help to dissipate heat, prolonging the lifespan of the LED strips. LED light channel offer a professional and streamlined look, allowing for seamless integration of LED lighting into various applications, such as cabinets, shelves, ceilings, or architectural features.

    Q: Can you cut LED channels?
    A: Yes, many LED channels from Wired4sigs USA can be customized or cut to the desired length to fit specific project requirements. Please leave a message with your inquiry or instructions, and we will be happy to assist you based on the information provided.

    Q: How do you cut LED track?
    A: Please see our blog on how to cut an aluminum LED channel.

    Q: How do you install an aluminum LED channel in a ceiling?
    A: Our plaster-in trimless LED aluminum channel is mudded in, but we also have ceiling strip LED lights installed with spring clips or other mounting hardware. Each channel usually includes instructions or diagrams on installing an aluminum LED channel in a ceiling.

      Q: How do you install LED aluminum channels?
      A: Installation of LED tape profiles varies from profile to profile but if the instructions are unclear on the product page or cut sheet download, please reach out to our experienced sales team for assistance.

        Q: How do you mount an LED track on granite?
        A: We would generally recommend our two-part structural MMA glue for this as it provides a permanent bond and a quick set time. See all our MMAs here.

        Q: Do you offer a DIY a LED channel system?
        A: We offer a complete plug-and-play system for most of our LED channels - don't hesitate to contact us with your requirements.

        Q: Is led tape light cool enough to use in channels?
        A: Yes, LED tape lights are cool enough to be used in aluminum light channel. LED profile channel produces significantly less heat compared to traditional lighting options, making them safe and suitable for installation in confined spaces such as surface mount LED channel, LED strip light recessed channel, or any mounting channel for LED strip lights.

        Q: How do you diffuse RGB lights?
        A: There are various methods and accessories used for rgb diffuser tape lights. To provide you with better guidance, please send us a message for the instructions.

        Q: Do LED strips need diffusers?
        A: LED strips do not necessarily require diffusers, but using LED lights diffuser can offer several advantages.

        Q: Can I cut the aluminum track for LED strip lighting to fit my specific needs?
        A: Yes, most aluminum track for led strip lights can be easily cut to the desired length to accommodate your specific needs. However, it's important to follow the our guidelines and recommendations for cutting the track to ensure clean and precise cuts. Some tracks have a specific cutting instructions or require additional accessories for finishing the cut ends. To provide you with better guidance, please send us a message.

        Q: Are LED channels waterproof?
        A: Our LED profiles can be found in both waterproof and non-waterproof options. Waterproof LED channels are designed to protect the LED strips from moisture, making them suitable for outdoor or damp environments. To ensure we provide you with better assistance, please send us a message detailing your specific needs or inquiries for our LED channels.