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LED Channels by Collection

What are LED channels?

Architects and designers are turning to LED lighting channels due to their aesthetics, versatility and energy-efficient properties. Wired4Signs USA's various LED profiles provide a housing for the LED strip to suit almost any application. In addition, the LED channels for sale from us act as a LED diffuser and heat exchanger to provide sufficient thermal control for the LED tape lighting. The LED strip light cover prevents dust build-up on electrical components, and when required, you can produce dotless LED strip lights. An LED frame system usually includes the aluminum channel, a diffuser or cover, end caps, and mounting hardware. Our LED tape light profiles are typically extruded from aluminum but some special low-wattage installations are made of plastic.

LED channel diffuser choices include white (opal frosted), frosted, clear, prismatic, and more recently black. An LED black diffuser is black when off and changes to the LED color when on. A good example to check the performances of the various diffusers can be found in our blogs and specifically in our SL7 diffuser test.

Types of LED channels for sale on our website

Wired4Signs offers an extensive selection of LED lighting channels and accessories for sale. We offer LED strip light solutions for applications such as:

  • Plaster-in LED channel or Ceiling LED channel
  • LED baseboard and skirting channel
  • Staircase LED strip lighting
  • LED tape channels for tiles
  • Recessed LED lighting channels
  • Surface mounted LED profiles
  • Corner LED lighting
  • Pendant or suspended LED profiles
  • LED strip tube diffuser
  • Architectural strip light
  • Black LED profiles
  • Large LED channels
  • Plastic LED channels


Q: How do you cut LED track?
A: Please see our blog on how to cut an aluminum LED channel.

Q: How do you install an aluminum LED channel in a ceiling?
A: Our plaster-in trimless LED aluminum channel is mudded in, but we also have ceiling strip LED lights installed with spring clips or other mounting hardware. Each channel usually includes instructions or diagrams on installing an aluminum LED channel in a ceiling.

    Q: How do you install LED aluminum channels?
    A: Installation of LED tape profiles varies from profile to profile but if the instructions are unclear on the product page or cut sheet download, please reach out to our experienced sales team for assistance.

      Q: How do you mount an LED track on granite?
      A: We would generally recommend our two-part structural MMA glue for this as it provides a permanent bond and a quick set time. See all our MMAs here.

      Q: Do you offer a DIY a LED channel system?
      A: We offer a complete plug-and-play system for most of our LED channels - don't hesitate to contact us with your requirements.

        Why buy LED channels from us?

        • Our LED channels are either made in the USA or Europe and are therefore high quality.
        • Our architectural linear lighting channels can accommodate Vega 95 LED reflectors. Vega 95 is the new range of highly reflective aluminum with 95% total reflectance. The key features of Vega 95 allow users to improve optical performance and optimize the luminous efficiency of lighting equipment by 10 – 20%, with potential energy savings of 20% or more.
        • Some of our tape light channels have connectors and have the option of long coils of diffusers to enable you to produce seamless long LED light strips.
        • We stock most of our products near Knoxville, TN, and can usually ship out at short notice.
        • We can react quickly to large order requests as we deal directly with LED channel manufacturers.

        What are common LED channel uses?

        • Under counter LED lights
        • Floating shelves with lights
        • Bar shelves with lights
        • Home bar lighting
        • LED lighting over picture frames
        • LED under cabinet lighting
        • Wall mounted sconce lighting