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Edge-Lit Acrylic Signs and LED Sign Panels

What is Edge-Lit LED Lighting?

Edge-lit led lighting is the term used when optically clear substrates, such as Glass, Perspex, Plexiglass or many other acrylics, are framed by an edge-lit profile containing LED strip so that the light travels through the clear material. 

Edge lighting of Plexiglass, Perspex and other similar substrates has grown in demand in recent years to achieve custom architectural features, edge-lit displays, acrylic signs, LED lit bar shelves as well as LED glass edge lighting

Edge-lit acrylic signs

Depending on the effect required when manufacturing acrylic signs, the substrate is usually engraved to refract the light and to display the desired logo or wording. Modern building or shopping center's emergency exit lights are often edge-lit exit signs. Side lit acrylic is often used for lighted bar signs because this style of signage is generally less bulky than conventional signage and a 'neon look' display can easily be achieved without having the threat of broken glass.

How to make an edge-lit sign

Edge-lit acrylic plexiglass etching is usually done on a laser cutter as it is essential that the panel edges are as smooth as possible to allow maximum light flow from the LEDs into the sign panel. The panels are then partially or completely framed by a LED Edge-lighting channel. Two of our most popular profiles are the New York Half-Round and New York Quarter-Round profiles. Both of these sturdy, acrylic LED sign base profiles are suitable for indoor or outdoor applications. A good reason why your edge-lit LED sign base should be aluminum is that the aluminum serves as an excellent heat sink for LED strip, which is often high powered in these applications.

Why get your edge lighting plexiglass items made by us?

  • We have years of experience in custom signage manufacture
  • We have extensive experience in LED lighting
  • We have done the extensive and expensive trial and error experiments and therefore we how to effectively edge-light acrylic
  • Wired4Signs USA is based in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA and is therefore centrally located for distribution throughout the United States.

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Here are some typical applications of LED edge-lighting

led glass panel

edge lit led panel

edge lit sign