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Custom Manufacturing

Our micro-factory in Knoxville, Tennessee

We serve a diverse range of industries with the accumulated experience of our staff and the range of machinery and tools that we have invested in. This has led to us manufacturing for many interesting products and projects.

Our machinery and capabilities include 3D printers, CNC Routers, CNC laser cutters, Panel Saw, Metal Working equipment, Stainless steel welding, Electronic soldering, Lathes, etc.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us here at Wired4Signs USA, Knoxville, Tennessee to share your requirements. No project is too small for us.

Custom manufacturing highlights

These are some of the interesting an niche custom projects that we have undertaken:

Project gallery

Acrylic slap-top cajon drumbox

This fun T-shaped acrylic Slap-Top Cajon sits comfortably in the lap and is played by striking the top surface with your hands. The Slap-Top Cajon allows players to create an endless combination of beats by hitting low notes in the middle and high notes on the left and right sides of the playing surface. Three ports located on the front project sound forward and help enhance the rhythms produced.

Custom slap-top cajon Acrylic slap-top cajon

Clear acrylic cajon box drum

The clear acrylic body cajon features a body made from clear transparent acrylic to enhance the cajon's superior bass tones. This cajon wass hand-made in our factory.

Clear acrylic cajon Clear acrylic box drum

Custom wall cladding

Custom cut and detailed wall cladding.

Custom wall cladding

Custom wall cladding Custom wall cladding

Tennessee Vols wall sign

We manufactured this custom cut and LED backlit sign to specification.

 Custom backlit sign

Custom backlit wall sign Custom backlit LED sign

Custom classic steam pipe lamp

We produced this customized LED lamp with a vintage steam pipe style.

Custom steampunk style light

Onyx stone illumination

Adding LED lighting to the installation brings out the beauty of this onyx stone.

Custom onyx stone back-lighting

Custom lighting of rafters

We were engaging in specifying and installing this colored LED lighting to highlight the open frame rafters for this project.

Custom colored rafter lighting

Bar counter lighting

Installation of under-counter RGB lighting to this bar counter creates a unique scene.

Custom RGB undercounter lighting

State of Tennessee reception sign

Wired4Signs produced this beautiful LED edge-lit sign in the shape of the State of Tennessee. This edge-lighting technique produces a very effective sign while maintaining a low profile from the wall surface. Click here to read more about our edge-lit solutions.

Custom edge-lit Tennessee wall sign

Contact us to discuss your custom project