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Wired4Signs USA Line Card

Wired4Signs is a supplier of top-quality LED lighting solutions for the signage, architectural, residential and commercial industries.

We have developed our own brands of LED lighting products and signage supplies in line with our commitment to offer the best products to our customers.

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Wired4Signs USA

Wired4Signs USA is our brand of specialized adhesives. These structural adhesives are designed and manufactured to our specification, based on our extensive experience in the commercial signage industry.

Uniform Linear

Uniform Linear is our brand of premium quality complete LED light fixtures, produced in our micro-factory near Knoxville, Tennessee. These fixtures are assembled from our range of quality components and LED light sources using our expert product knowledge.


In addition to our own brands, we are United States distributors for the following carefully selected manufacturers of premium LED lighting profiles, LED light sources, and LED power supplies and controllers.

Specialized LED products

Visive Group UK

Visive Group is a leading UK designer and global manufacturer of LED contour linear solutions and Smart Technology. Visive developed an LED illuminated acrylic contour linear tube product called Hi-Lite™. This highly efficient and virtually maintenance free product had been extensively installed around the world.

Vexica Group website

Vexica is an independent British manufacturer with a focus on an innovative range of lighting products for the flexible and linear marketplace. They major in custom product design and manufacture to create completely unique offerings which fit with their clients design requirements.

CLS LED .b.v

CLS LED b.v. is a manufacturer of specialized LED fixtures based in the Netherlands. They have been designing their own professional LED fixtures since 2002 under the motto "Lighting is an art". Each fixture goes through an intense design process, from the LED technology to the heat sink to the lens. They offer fixtures in thousands of configurations, even in small quantities.

LED Profiles

Luz Negra - Linear Lighting Solutions

Luz Negra has specialized in the manufacture of aluminum LED lighting profiles and LED products for lighting and signage since 1987. The company has a factories in Barcelona and Madrid, Spain and one in Paris, France.

LEDs-ON - Quality aluminium LED profiles and LED strips

LEDs-ON is a manufacturer of unique aluminum LED lighting profiles and accessories with a focus on offering the highest quality products. Established in 2005, they are a fast-growing family business based in Warsaw, Poland.

TOPMET Light - Producer of LED lighting: profiles and LED light lines

Topmet Light designs and manufactures high quality lighting components in Poland. Established in 1989, they combine Polish tradition and their experience to produce LED luminaires and aluminum LED lighting profiles.

LED Strips and Modules

Neonica - Polish manufacturer of LED strips, led tape, led lighting

Neonica is a producer of LED lighting strips with a factory in Lodz, Poland. With experience since 1995, Neonica manufactures a range of LED light sources which are compliant with stringent European safety and quality standards.

Interone - LED modules

Interone manufactures high quality LED modules for the signage industry in Korea using genuine OEM components and Samsung LED chips. By combining top-tier components with Interone's own patented features such as Wire-Thru®, they offer products that you can trust.

Deahantrans - We illuminate the world

Daehantrans produces cutting-edge LED modules, include their patented resin-shell modules. The company has been in the signage lighting industry since 1972, when they started manufacturing transformers for neon lighting.

LED Controllers

 Casambi - Smart Lighting Control

Casambi is a smart lighting control supplier based in Finland. Their LED controllers use Bluetooth Low-Energy technology to create a wireless mesh network. The solution is a smartphone enabled lighting and home-automation ecosystem.

 Arditi - Led and components for lighting

Arditi is a LED and lighting manufacturer headquartered in Italy. The company offers a comprehensive range of LED and lighting products. Wired4Signs particularly carries their Casambi-compatible LED controllers.

BleBox - Wifi home automation

BleBox offers a home-automation solution based on WiFi technology. They are a based in Poland and offer LED controllers and other home automation components. Their product range includes outdoor rated wireless RGB LED dimmers.

Dalcnet LED Lighting Controllers from Wired4Signs USA

Dalcnet is an Italian company specialized in LED lighting control. Since 2011 they have been designing, developing and producing LED dimmers, LED drivers, LED controllers, gateways and converters in cooperation with leading international manufacturers.