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boat led strip lights

Marine LED light strips

Wired4Signs USA, based near Knoxville, Tennessee, specializes in custom LED lamp fixtures. Our quality aluminum LED channels and our commercial grade LED strip is manufactured in Europe, while we build custom resin-filled light fixtures in our modern CNC micro-factory in Tennessee.

LED lighting is the ideal type of lighting for marine and boat use because the low-voltage supply (typically 12V or 24V DC) remains safe even if a problem occurs. Nevertheless, we all know that electricity and water do not mix and lighting failure can be anything from a nuisance to a danger.

Our epoxy-resin filled LED fixtures are the ultimate solution for very wet environments like boats and docks.


How to preserve LED strip lights in underwater applications

We have a sophisticated computer-controller LED resin plant that we use to fill our LED channels to provide ingress protection for custom submersible LED strip lights. Our extensive range of LED channels, LED tape, and CNC machinery enables us to produce the best quality custom LED waterproof strip lights, boat LED strip lights, and underwater LED strip lights.

Our submersible LED tape light fixtures are used in swimming pools, as boat lights, and as deck lights, and are far more durable than off-the-shelf IP68 waterproof LED strip lights. Our specially developed resin machine allows us to change the hardness of the LED resin depending on how flexible the fixture needs to be and also to allow for expansion and contraction of the LED strip components so that it does not lead to failure.

Marine RGB LED strip lights

We can produce plug-and-play color changing light kits for your particular application that will include a Casambi Bluetooth remote control and color changing RGB strip or RGB with white LEDs if required.

The marine LED strip lights that we supply have a resin formulation that is resistant to salt water and chlorine.

pleasure boat with waterproof LED lights
Photo by C.Valdez on Unsplash

Resin and wood

Our resin is suitable to be used in LED lights for wood projects, and we also have a range of recessed LED profiles which provide a clean finish when required.

LED strip lights for boats

Our aluminum led boat strip lights, as compared to lights with carbon or stainless-steel housing as less likely to be affected by electrolysis, which causes the fishing light’s housing to rust quickly and disintegrate.

Best LED lights for night fishing

We are not experts on what lighting should be used for night fishing, but we can produce color-LED lights and often have the request for green bass boat LED strip lights. If you need different colors, then our waterproof RGB tape lights will allow you to change to color as required.

Common custom resin light applications

We receive regular requested for waterproof resin LED light fixtures and these are some of the applications that we have come across:

  • LED boat navigation light strips
  • Green LED strip lights for boats
  • Marine-grade LED strip lighting for docks
  • Submersible LED strip for water features
  • Submersible LED strip lights for pools
  • Weatherproof LED strip lights for restaurants
  • Epoxy lighting for outdoor furniture
  • Underwater LED strip lights for aquariums

Custom service from Wired4Signs

Contact us today for assistance with your custom marine LED light strips or other waterproof LED fixture ideas.

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