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Custom Coral Frag Rack Manufacturing

Our facilities

Wired4signs USA has a fully equipped micro-factory just outside Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. Our equipment inventory includes 3D printers, CNC lasers, CNC routers, as well as plastic benders. These capabilities allow us to serve many interesting niche industries and, due to the fact that no job is too small for us, many custom and one-off manufacturing projects. 

Custom coral reef structures

One such industry that has intrigued us is the growing requests for custom coral frag racks to create bespoke aquariums reefs. These racks provide the underlying support structure for coral frags, primary reefs and fringe reefs in tropical fish aquariums. The most common custom frag rack requests have been for black acrylic frag racks or frag trays.

We can produce single-piece custom racks or help you to design assembled racks for more complex custom reef designs. We can also produce frag racks with magnetic mountings by using embedded magnets to secure the rack to the side of your aquarium.

Let us fabricate your custom frag rack

We do not hold any profession in building reef racks and are guided by our client's knowledge and specific requirements.

Complete the form below to send us a sketch of your custom coral frag holder and we will reply with a quote in due course.

Thank you for supporting Made in USA products.