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LED Staircase Ideas And Solutions

LED strip lighting has brought a whole new range of ideas for outdoor step lighting.
Outdoor stair lighting lighting not only gives an aesthetically pleasing finish to your stair case but also provides a very practical function of being able to see where you are walking at night.

Step 1:- Choose a LED Strip

Our outdoor LED Strip comes fully encapsulated IP68 waterproof covering and it is cuttable at designated cutting spots on the PCB. Careful attention needs to be given to the sealing these joints once you have soldered your suitable gauge tail leads onto the strip. A neutral cure silicone (silicone that is suitable for glass applications)

NB:- We offer this service to if you do not have the confidence or means to do it yourself! 

The LED Strip comes in 16.4ft rolls and are available in a large array of different configurations to provide your desired effect.

Some popular Waterproof LED Strip for Stairs choices are as follows

 (click links below to follow)


Step 2 :- Choose a LED Housing

 Why should I use an Aluminum profile?
  • provide an aesthetically pleasing finish
  • provide a good clean mounting surface for the LED strips to bond onto
  • provide a good heat sink to increase LED life (wood ,plastic are insulators and can over-heat LED's)
  • provide physical protection
  • provide light diffusion to give even illumination
  • can be cut to exact length using a saw suitable for cutting aluminum
Common LED profiles used on steps
(click links below to see the profiles)


Step 3 :- Choose a suitable power supply

All our LED strip has a wattage rating per meter (=3.28 ft). 

Work out the the total meterage of your project and add a safety loss factor of 20% 

EG. your desired led strip has a wattage rating of 4.8watts per meter and you require a total of 10 meters( 32.80 ft)
10 x 4.8watt + 20% =57.60 watts

The round up to the nearest waterproof of non-waterproof power supply wattage rating

In this case a indoor 75 Watt unit or a outdoor 60w unit

We can assist you in every step of the way - don't freak out!!

Our sales men have years of experience in these projects !!

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