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10 Benefits of LED Under Cabinet Lighting

10 Benefits of LED Under Cabinet Lighting

Should I install under cabinet lighting? I want it, and it looks so good. Do I really need it, and is it as great as people say it is? If these are the questions running through your mind, read this article! We'll cover the top 10 benefits of under cabinet lighting. If you don't feel convinced after that, then maybe lights for under kitchen cabinets are not for you.

We've split our list of benefits up for clarity. First, we'll talk about the advantages of having any type of lighting under your cabinets. Then, we'll discuss the benefits of LED lighting for cabinets specifically.

lighting under cabinets in kitchens

Under cabinet lighting benefits

Here's a list of 5 highly beneficial features of any type of lighting under cabinets.

Task Lighting

The number 1 benefit, and the most common reason people install lighting under their cabinets: my counters need to be brighter. The crazy thing is that countertops are where all the work in a kitchen goes on, but they are often the dimmest area!

We are confident that you will not be disappointed if this is the main reason you are craving light under cabinets. Just be sure you install a high-quality lighting system, otherwise the result may be something of a letdown.

Aesthetic Appeal

The second biggest benefit... It looks so good!

Under cabinet lighting gives a serious boost to your kitchen's aesthetics. The real bonus is that you get the best of both worlds! Task lighting and accent lighting.

under cabinet lighting installed in a kitchen

It's likely your kitchen doesn't look as good as these ones. If it does, we're rather envious! If it doesn't, installing lighting will get you one step closer.

Increases Home Value

Yes, under cabinet pays for itself... almost. For the two reasons we've just talked about, the lighting will boost your home's value by more than the cost.

Of course, if you install a $50 kit off Amazon, you're not doing much. That's why you should install commercial-grade lighting. It'll last much longer and it's brighter.

Something else buyers love is energy efficiency. That's one of the chief reasons to opt for LEDs. You'll save on your monthly bill! Again, install commercial LEDs, as they are more efficient.

Reduces Shadows in Kitchen

shadows on kitchen counters

The irony of this is laughable. It's the problem with only having overhead lighting in your kitchen. When you're at a counter you're standing in your own light! You're between the light source and your work area.

Having lighting under your cabinets eliminates the issue. Simply installing brighter lights in other areas of your kitchen won't.

Safety - Prevent Kitchen Injuries

How safe would you feel in a dark room with 10 people moving around holding scissors?

Okay, dim lighting under cabinets isn't that drastic, but it can make a difference. Cutting and carving are common kitchen activities. Lighting can be the difference between the lemon and your finger!

The advantages of LED strip lighting for under cabinet lighting

Here's a list of the benefits that pertain specifically to LED lighting under your cabinets.

Energy Efficiency

LEDs = energy efficiency
Commercial LEDs = even better energy efficiency

Please excuse the quick math lesson. LEDs are up to 18X more energy efficient than fluorescent and halogen bulbs! The only drawback is that they are more costly. On the other hand, they save you electricity and add more value to your home.

Minimal Heat Emissions

Fluorescent and halogen bulbs emit about 5% of their consumed energy as light. The rest turns into heat. LEDs emit 90-95% of the electricity as light.

Besides the efficiency, LED lighting can also prevent damage to the goods inside your cabinets. Imagine a bar of chocolate just above a hot halogen light!

Easy to Install

Looking for DIY under cabinet lighting? Installing lights under your cabinets is an easy task when you have the right products! We specialize in building custom kits for under cabinet lighting with high-quality strips and channels. Watch the video below to see one of our lighting systems being installed! You can follow along using the accompanying tutorial.

To DIY this project you'll need to use a plugin setup over against a hardwired system. Hardwiring will require the services and bills of an electrician. To learn the difference between hardwired and plug in under cabinet lighting, read this article.

Low Maintenance

High-quality LEDs are low maintenance. You can stop running back and forth to the hardware store, changing bulbs! While the majority of LED kits off Amazon will last about 20,000 hours (often less), high-quality LED strips inside an aluminum channel can last over 50,000!

An LED profile will help to protect your strip from dust, steam, and oil, further increasing its lifespan.

Circadian Rhythm

circadian rhythm with LED lighting

Did you know that the color temperature of your lighting can significantly affect your mood? It's called circadian rhythm. Many companies use it in the workplace to boost productivity.

Automate your lighting to shine a warm white in the mornings while you're sipping on your coffee, and a white light in the afternoon when the snooziness hits! To do this you'll need an LED controller and a CCT strip.

Key Takeaways

Installing lights under your kitchen cabinets:

  • Boosts productivity
  • Looks amazing
  • Increases the value of your home
  • Prevents injury

LED lighting is/has:

  • Energy efficient
  • Lower heat emissions
  • Easy to install
  • Long-lasting


Hopefully we've made you a cabinet lighting fan! We are, and we hope you'll come around! Give us a call and we'll give guidance on every step of your LED project. We can assemble high-grade under cabinet LED kits which are easy to install.

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