The 6 Best LED Strips For Under Cabinet Lighting - 2024

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The 6 Best LED Light Strips For Under Cabinet Lighting

The 6 Best LED Light Strips For Under Cabinet Lighting

Let's guess? You installed LED strips under your cabinets 2 years ago and now they're not working. If you're ready to redo the project with the best under cabinet lighting you can get, read on.

Okay, we probably guessed wrong. You may be wanting to install under cabinet LED lighting for the first time. Why wait 2 years to regret not installing long-lasting kitchen cabinet lights? Learn from others' mistakes now by reading this article and avoid being "that person" in the future. Let's dive into the best LED light strips for under cabinet lighting for your kitchen.

kitchen with LED lighting

LED strip options

White Iris LED Strip - Budget choice

The White Iris is quite possibly the best all round choice in this lineup. It's available in 3 densities, 60, 120 and 180 LEDs a meter.

  1. Use the 60 LED strip only for accent lighting under cabinets. It's not as bright and requires an opaquer diffuser to prevent spotting.
  2. The 120 strip is the personal favorite of our entire LED Strip Lineup! It's easy to use, and is a solid option for any lighting projects!
  3. The 180 density strip is a great choice when your focus is on brightness for task lighting. The only draw back is a slight increase in expense.

Each of these strips are available in 2700, 3000, 4000, and 6000 Kelvin, ranging from ultra warm white to a cool white light! You can also choose between a 12v and 24v power rating.

Although this strip is by no means "cheap" when compared to Amazon LED strips, It is one of the best priced commercial strips you'll find. With it's superior Luminous efficiency and longer lifespan you're actually getting more bang for your buck!



  • Budget friendly commercial grade strip
  • 4 color temperatures
  • Extremely energy efficient at 191lm/w
  • 1000 lumens a meter


  • Not as bright as some of the others.

White Lily - Best LED COB strip for granite counters

Using a COB strip is your best choice when you have granite counter tops. Granite is more reflective than other surfaces, so spotting reflection is often an issue. With a non COB strip you'll need a lot of diffusion to eliminate dotting, wasting brightness and your electricity.

Available in 24 volts with a waterproof version, we have a variant to fit your exact needs! For color temperature we have the same options as the White Iris. 2700, 3000, 4000, and 6000 Kelvin.


P.S. This is the strip used for our light fixtures in the "Installing Under Cabinet Lighting" video tutorial!


  • No spotting
  • 4 color temperatures
  • 1100 lumens a meter


  • Not as energy efficient at 111lm/w
  • Slightly higher cost vs. White Iris

King Protea LED Strip - Brightest under cabinet strip light

If your intent is to illuminate your countertops with the brightest of light the King Protea is the strip for you! This is the best choice when you're going to use your under cupboard LED strip lights for task lighting. Stop cooking, cutting, and carving in the dark!

The King Protea is rated for 24 volts, and we offer a waterproof version. It has an LED density of 120 and is available in 3000, 4000, and 6000 Kelvin.



  • Brightest strip at 2800lm/m
  • Extremely energy efficient at 170lm/w
  • 3 color temperatures


  • Higher cost per foot.

Sunrise Series - Adjustable color temperature

Want more than one color temperature? Use our Sunrise Series tunable white strip. Instead of one set temperature this strip can be adjusted to anything between 2700K to 6200K!

You can even use smart controllers to leverage circadian rhythm. Picture a warm white light to help your breakfast go down in the morning, and a pure white in the afternoons to keep you productive!

The Sunrise Series is available in a waterproof variant and is rated for 24v power. The only drawback to this strip is a higher cost when compared to others.



  • Adjustable color temperature
  • Bright at 2000lm/m


  • Considerably more expensive than other strips

Hibiscus LED Strip - For colored lighting

Disco in the kitchen? Count us in! If you're want to have color as an option consider the Hibiscus.

One piece of advice, don't use and RGB strip under you cabinets. Most of the time you'll want a white light. RGB strips can do this but the white is not pure, and will annoy your eyes! That's why we recommend an RGBW, strip like the Hibiscus.

Unfortunately there is not an IP67/68 version yet. Don't worry, as we said it's not necessary for under cabinet LED strips. The Hibiscus is rated at 24V.



  • Can produce colored light
  • 1500+/- lumens a meter


  • Not the most energy efficient

Strelitzia LED Strip - RGB + CCT

Want all of the above rolled into one? Welcome the Strelitzia, an RGBW + CCT strip! This means it can produce colored light, and tunable white light, or even mix the two!

If you're looking for the most customizable lighting available, the Strelitzia is your strip. As a bonus there is also a waterproof option.



  • Adjustable color temperature
  • Colored light


  • Least energy efficient at 68lm/w
  • Most expensive

Additional products you'll need besides strips

An LED channel

Channels are essential to any LED lighting project, and your cabinets are no exclusion. The Cabi-12 is a channel specifically designed for under cabinet lighting, check it out here!

A power supply

To power your LEDs you'll need a transformer to convert the electricity to the correct voltage. Make sure you get the same voltage as your strip. For help selecting a power supply see this article.

A controller

Connect your LEDs to your cellphone for smart control! All you need to do is wire in a controller. consider the Casambi PWM4, or our 5 channel Blebox controller!

A switch

Controlling your lights from your phone can be impractical. Consider including a simple switch to make your life easier! If you're using the PWM4 you can effortlessly add one of our wireless battery free wall switches!


Add solder joints to your order and we can wire up your strips for you before we ship them. 

Need the bigger picture?

Feel like you're losing your bearings in the complexity of the project? No worries, installing under cabinet lighting is easy. Just watch our video below, or read the article!

Not sure you've got all you need? Contact us!



What is the best under cabinet lighting for kitchens?

There are 3 types of lighting for under cabinets, LED puck lights, LED light bars, and LED strip lights. Strip lighting is the best choice when doing LED lights for kitchen cabinets for these 4 reasons.
  1. Their length is customizable with one cut from a pair of scissors.
  2. They're easy to install. (Especially if you use our video guide)!
  3. They're low profile, giving you that indirect lighting effect.
  4. They provide even illumination along all your cabinets.

Puck lights, due to their non-linear design, struggle to provide uniform lighting. LED light bars on the other hand are bulkier, making them more conspicuous. You'll have to buy several different lengths to match your individual cabinets, plus they can be tricky to install.

What to consider when buying under cabinet lighting

Here are some key points to consider if you want to buy the best under cabinet lighting for kitchens.

Do you need to use a waterproof strip under your cabinets?

No, if you use an LED profile, and you should be! Although it's unlikely for you LED strip to encounter water in its liquid form, there are some other enemies around. Steam and oil. Both of these are common elements in the kitchen and can cause a strip to fail.

We're not saying you can't use a waterproof LED strip as lights for under your cupboards in the kitchen. We're saying that it is not necessary when your strip is housed in a profile with end caps.

The biggest mistake persons make when they install LED cabinet lights is not using a profile/channel. Learn why you should use an LED profile by reading this article. How to Install Under Cabinet Lighting.

Use dimmable strips

Most LED strips are dimmable, but make sure you're buying one that is. With a dimmable strip you'll be able to set the brightness to the desired level for anytime of day. You also save electricity by dimming the lights when you don't need full brightness.

All the recommended LED strips above are dimmable.

What is the best color temperature for under cabinet lights?

To put it out in the shortest way possible: the same color temperature as the existing lighting in your kitchen. This is the general rule of thumb for aesthetically pleasing results.

If you have specific preferences as to color temperature you don't have to follow the above rule. Why not buy a tunable white strip? That way you can adjust the color temperature at will! See the Sunrise Series strip above, it's TW/CCT.

different Kelvin rated LED strips

Brightest under cabinet lighting

If your goal is to make kitchen tasks easier, use a brighter strip light when installing under cabinet strip lighting. Please note that this is one of the biggest drawbacks of cheap LED kits off Amazon! When testing with our $2000 spectrometer we found our commercial quality strip to be 13X to 25X brighter.

For the brightest lighting under your cabinets see the King Protea LED strip above.

Key Takeaways

Hopefully this article answered your questions about LED strips under cabinets! If it didn't please reach out to us. We'd love to help, and we respond. Here is a summary of what we covered.

  • Commercial quality LED strips are worth it in the long run.
  • Waterproof strips are not imperative for under cabinets.
  • Make sure you buy a dimmable strip.
  • Select the right color temperature.
  • Do you need functional or feature lighting?
  • The White Iris 120 is the best choice for basic under cabinet lighting.
  • Use a COB strip like the White Lily when you have granite counters.
  • Use the King Protea for applications requiring the brightest light.
  • Use the Sunrise Series if you want to be able to adjust color temperature.
  • The Hibiscus is an affordable RGBW strip.
  • Spend more on the Strelitzia if you want all the features in one strip.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which LED strip should I use for under kitchen cabinets?
A. Use a commercial LED strip. They can last up to 2X longer and lower grade strips and are 13X to 25X brighter.

Q. Are LED strip lights good for under cabinets.
A. Yes, LED strip lights will make it easier to complete everyday kitchen task, plus they will make your kitchen look fantastic! They also save you electricity.

Q. How do I choose LED lights for under kitchen cabinets?
A. Determine how bright you want the light in lumens and your ideal color temperature. Then find a strip that matches more needs. You can use this article to help you make the decision.

Q. What lights are best for under cabinet?
A. LED strip lights are best for under cabinet lighting. They are the most customizable in length and provide the evenest light. This makes them a superior choice to LED puck lights and LED light bars.

Q. How long do under cabinet LED lights last?
A. 50,000 hours and more if you use a commercial grade LED light. Avoid cheaper strips as their low grade components are prone to early failure.

Q. Should under cabinet lights be warm or cool?
A. Your under cabinet lighting should generally be the same color temperature as existing kitchen lighting. If you can't decide consider a tunable white LED strip. These allow you to adjust the color temperature to the desired output.

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