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White LED Strips

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  • White LED Strips
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  • Premium white LED strips

    Wired4Signs USA represents one of the top European white-led strip light manufacturers in Europe, Neonica. We do not offer low-grade or cheap LED strip lights but rather specialize in commercial-grade LED strip lights for the signage and architectural industry.

    Our white LED strip lights or LED tape lights are built on a flexible FPC base from the highest quality components of renowned global companies.

    At the Neonica factory, a team of experienced engineers and designers, a modern photometric laboratory, and several dozen highly qualified employees allow us to meet any demands.

    The Product range tab introduces our white LED strip product offering.

  • White LED strip product range

    Each series of our white LED tape light range offers specific features. Here we present a summary of our different white LED series.

    Read our blog post for general information on selecting an appropriate LED strip for your application.

    White Iris Series - Architectural high CRI LED strip

    This series is our top-selling LED strip series and covers the Kelvin ranges of 2700K,3000K, 4000K, and 6000k, and the LED population configurations of 60 LEDs, 120 LEDs, and 180 LEDs per meter. The White Iris series also includes waterproof outdoor LED strip light versions with a slight color shift due to the IP68 Waterproof coating that effectively produces 3200K, 4100K, and 6200K white LED strips. These are high CRI LED strip lights, so, therefore, they give excellent color rendering.

    White Lily Series - COB LED strip

    The White Lily "chip-on-board" (COB) flexible LED strip lights are unique in that they provide a continuous line of light as opposed to visible diodes, as with most cuttable LED strips. These are, therefore, the best LED strip lights for making under cabinet LED strip lighting that is over highly reflective surfaces such as marble counters because instead of visible diodes, you will see a continuous smooth line of light.

    This LED tape light series is available in 2700K soft white and 4000K natural white versions.

    Decor Series - Low-wattage LED strip

    The Decor Series is a low-wattage LED strip and is ideal for applications like LED strips for stairs or LED baseboard strips where a low output of light is required, thereby avoiding the need for costly LED dimmers to achieve the desired light levels. The low power requirements of this series also mean that you can achieve longer runs off one power connection.

    The Decor series is available in 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, and 6000K with standard interior and IP68 outdoor LED strip lights versions. Our Decor Series has LED strip CRI 95 color rendering specifications.

    King Protea Series - Super bright LED strip lights

    These super bright LED strips boast a high lumen output and an extremely efficient chipset producing up to 170 lumens per watt. This high-lumen LED strip is available in 3000K, 4000K, and 6000K versions. We only stock indoor versions of this high-output LED strip, but the waterproof IP68-rated strip is available on request. This ultra-bright LED strip is an excellent choice for architectural and primary lighting applications. Our bright white led light strips are designed for commercial lighting applications.

    Honey Suckle Series - Thin LED strip

    This ultra-thin LED strip, measuring only 5mm wide, is ideal for applications where an LED strip needs to be narrower than the average 8mm LED strip width. Thin LED light strips are often used in our Alu-Stair Nano or Alu-Baseboard LED profiles because of their confined space for mounting LED strips. Although the Honey Suckle series is a narrow LED strip, it also boasts a high population of 180 LEDs per meter, making it a suitable edge-lighting LED strip.

    Sunrise Series - Tunable white (CCT) LED strip

    The Sunrise series is a dual-white LED strip. With the help of one of our LED controllers, such as the Arditi Casambi Bluetooth LED controller or the Blebox Wi-Fi LED lighting controllers, you can choose any color temperature between 2700K and 6000K. The tunable white LED strip has LED chips from OSRAM and is binned according to the 3 MacAdam steps. Tunable white tape light is ideal for Human-centric lighting applications. These dynamic LED strips have a 3oz copper PCB and can be run up to 30 meters if powered from both sides. The Sunrise series dual white LED strip is the perfect choice for a long-lasting and adaptable architectural application.

    Protea Series - Ultra-warm white LED strip

    The Protea series includes a high CRI 1900K and 2400K warm white LED strip. Protea LED strip lights' warm white configurations range from 2.4-9.6W or 30 LEDs, 60 LEDs, and 120 LEDs per meter configurations. Warm strip lighting often is called amber or soft white LED strip.

    Baltic Ivy Series - Bendable LED strip

    The design of the Baltic Ivy series PCB allows you to zig-zag the LED strip due to its shape and flexibility. The zig-zag light strip will enable you to negotiate tight bends without having to splice the PCB. Bendable LED tape light is often used in the signage industry to light the inside of channel letters.

    Our bendable LED strip lights are available in 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, and 6000K and in standard colors such as blue, red, green, and amber.

    Flaming Grass Series - Narrow rigid LED strip lights

    The Flaming Grass series is a rigid LED strip instead of the typical flexible LED tape light. The rigid strip light is cuttable every 28mm (just over 1") and at only 4mm wide (less than 3/16") it is an extremely narrow LED strip light. This 12V rigid strip light is often used in edge-lit LED applications or with our nano LED profiles.

         Magnolia Series - High Output LED Strip

  • Pros & Cons of our white LED strips

    • The very high quality of our LED light strip products has been recognized by the leaders of the LED lighting market - CREE (USA) and OSRAM.
    • Our premium quality white LED strips have high CRI ratings meaning that they will give accurate and consistent color rendering.
    • Most of our LEDs lights are 24V LED strips, but many are also available in 12V versions on request. We try to standardize on 24V LED strips because the increased voltage means that the current draw is half that of a 12V strip and therefore, generally, you can expect a cooler installation (wire losses - LED power doesn't change) and a therefore a longer life span.
    • The reduced current load of 24V strip also means that longer runs can be installed from one power connection without losing brightness.
    • Most of the LED ribbon lights are available in a standard 5 meter (16.4ft) LED light roll or on 100 meter (328ft) bulk contractor rolls. We also offer you the option of buying our LED tape light per foot.
    • We provide live chat support from our experienced sales staff.
  • How to install white LED strip lights

    These are the basic steps for installing LED strip lights. Please also read our blog on the pitfalls to avoid when installing LED strip lights.

    1. We recommend installing LED strip lights in an aluminum LED lighting channel designed for the purpose. These channels protect the LED tape, dissipate the heat generated by the LEDs, and offer diffuser covers for a neat finish to the installation.
    2. Select the exact model of strip you intend to use.
    3. Measure the length of LED strip required and calculate the total power required to supply your length of LED strip.
    4. Select a power supply or "LED driver" for your installation. We recommend using a power supply where the required load will be within 70-90% of the power supply rating.
    5. If you require dimming, or are using tunable white LED strip, then you will also need an LED controller.
    6. Measure out your LED strip and cut it length bearing in mind the cutting pitch of the strip.
    7. "Dry fit" the LED strip into the LED channel to check the fit and positioning.
    8. Solder the supply wires to the LED strip.
    9. Remove the backing from one end of the double-sided adhesive tape on the strip and fix the strip into position. Then carefully peel away the remainder of the backing while pressing the LED tape into place all the way to the end.
    10. Connect the LED strip to the power supply, and the power supply to the mains circuit. If you are using one, include the dimmer or controller between the power supply and the strip.

    Please note: All electrical wiring should be performed to code by a licensed electrician.

  • Why buy white LED strip from us?

    • Our LED strip is robust and made in Europe which means it is TAA compliant.
    • By choosing the best LED strip lights on the market, you have guaranteed safety and compliance of our LED systems with the applicable EU standards.
    • We support our products and will assist with technical backup.
  • Frequently asked questions

    Q: What warranty do your LED Strips have?
    A: 3-5 years from the date of sale (terms and conditions apply).

    Q: Are your white LED strips dimmable?
    A: Yes, our LED strips can be dimmed (dimmer or controller required).

    Q: Are your LED strips in stock in the USA?
    A: We generally keep stock of our product range. Our maximum lead time is three weeks from order if a product is out of stock.

    Q: Do you cut and join leads on your LED strip for your clients?
    A: Yes, we can provide custom lengths of LED strip with pre-soldered leads on request.

    Q: Do your LED strips require power supplies?
    A: Yes, you need to take into account the wattage per meter and the input voltage of the LED strip and size the power supply with a 5-20% safety factor for voltage loss.

    Q: What equipment do I need to control tunable white strip?
    A: You will need an LED controller in addition to the LED power supply. Two channels are sufficient for tunable white, so a common 4-channel RGBW controller could be used for two segements of tunable white.