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Baseboard LED Lighting Profile ~ Model Alu-Baseboard

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The Alu-Baseboard is a two-part Baseboard LED Lighting Profile. It consists of a baseboard profile and it is used along with the insertable Alu Swiss profile.

This enables the main LED baseboard profile to be installed into the wall and then a small Alu swiss profile, containing the light source, to be installed.

This also enables service after the installation.

The Baseboard LED Lighting profile can also be used to create a cove lighting feature below the ceiling.

Important Notes:

  • This modern lighting is often used as an energy-saving night light in hallways, cinemas, theaters, hospitals, private villas or hotels.
  • The profile is available in silver or white but we can powder coat to any color
  • See product brochure and dimensions here
  • See Baseboard LED Lighting installation instructions here
  • In-stock items are Same Day shipped From Knoxville, Tennesse, United States.
  • Bulk Pricing Available on Request
  • Insertable Alu Swiss Profile, LED strip, diffuser, and accessories are sold separately from the Baseboard LED Lighting profile. Please see details below this listing
  • Shipping on 3-meter lengths may differ from checkout calculation.
  • Please contact us for more information

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