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LED baseboards in the USA

LED baseboards in the USA

Best LED Baseboards for Sale Online

Wired4Signs USA represents some of the top European baseboard lighting manufacturers. We can make up custom baseboard LED lighting systems for our clients, providing a one-stop source for the aluminum channel, LED strip lighting, dimming system, and the correct LED drivers.

We can share the latest skirting board lighting ideas to assist your interior designer or for your baseboard lighting DIY project.

We have a complement of CNC routers, so we can even make custom wood skirting board led lights and insert our small recessed LED channels to house the LED strip lighting.

What is baseboard LED lighting?

Baseboards with LED lighting are becoming more popular since they serve as excellent courtesy lighting, kid's night lighting, or hallway skirting board lights. An illuminated skirting board usually consists of the main profile fitted into or onto drywalling and then either a cover or secondary LED channel housing the LED strip.

Our skirting board range is categorized into three basic types:

  • recessed baseboard lighting
  • surface mount skirting board lights
  • or complimentary non-illuminated aluminum skirting boards

The LED strip lights for baseboards are often lower output to enable longer runs or, in the case of some of our LED baseboards, very narrow to fit into a limited space within the aluminum channel.

Our LED skirting board and LED resin filling capabilities also allow us to create waterproof RGB skirting board lighting for outdoor entertainment areas.

Pros & Cons of skirting board led lights

  • LED strip lights skirting board use very little energy
  • make excellent kitchen baseboard lighting
  • motion sensor skirting board lights are a great way to save energy (our Casambi system provides this solution)
  • LED aluminum skirting board creates a great heat-sink in high power strip applications
  • Our Decor series skirting board LED strip because of its lower output, enabling longer runs and avoiding unnecessary energy wastage.
  • Using our Casambi dimmers, kitchen skirting board lights can work together with LED under cabinet light strips creating a clean, modern appearance in kitchens
  • motion activated baseboard lighting can also act as a security measure
  • A skirting board with LED channel can serve as an excellent baseboard night light for elderly persons

How to install LED baseboard floor lighting

Step-by-step guides are available for each skirting board light's installation in their respective product descriptions or our knowledgeable staff will share advice and tips.

Why buy LED skirting board channel from us?

  • Our skirting board LED profiles are robust and made in Europe.
  • Our baseboard LED channels are generally stocked and supplied from the USA.
  • We support our LED strip light baseboard products ourselves and will assist with technical backup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What warranty does our skirting LED profile carry?
A: 5 years from the date of sale.

Q: Are the baseboards with lights suitable for outdoor usage?
A: Yes, some of our LED strip skirting profiles are anodized, but you should also select a waterproof LED strip.

Q: Do the skirting board LED profiles come with a LED strip inside?
A: No, the customer needs to choose the color LEDs that they require.

Q: Can the skirting board LED lights with trim be cut to size?
A: Yes, they can be cut to size – see our tips for cutting LED profiles.

Q: Can LED lights for baseboards be dimmed?
A: Yes, all our LED strip is dimmable – see our blog about dimming methods.

Q: Can floor baseboard lighting be used around ceilings as cove lighting?
A: Yes, many clients use these around ceilings to create indirect cove lighting.


Q: Are LED lights on baseboards safe for children and pets?
A: Yes, the LEDs strips we use are all low voltage and also generate very little heat.

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