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waterproof led strip

Where to use waterproof LED strips

Wired4Signs supplies top-quality LED strips and channels from European manufacturers and we keep our stock right here in Tennessee. Waterproof LED lights are just one of our range of first-class products!

What are waterproof LED strips?

The term "LED waterproof strips" describes LED strips that meet the relevant IP (Ingress Protection) requirements. Ingress protection ratings are an international standard of protection, compliant with the PN-EN 60529:2003 standard, relating to the resistance of electrical devices to moisture and dust. Hermetic LED strips are in the range of IP66 or IP68, which means they are resistant to the effects of permanent immersion in a liquid.

The strip is covered with a layer of silicone which makes these LED tapes ideal for illuminating places with high humidity such as bathrooms, saunas, ponds, a garden, or an aquarium. The silicone layer also increases the resistance to mechaniIF cal damage, so waterproof LED strips are also worth considering for lighting shop shelves, terraces, driveways, or facades.

Uses for waterproof LED strips

You can use LED waterproof tape light for many damp applications, to name just a few:

  • Landscape lighting
  • Deck lighting
  • Shower niche lighting
  • Lighting under bathroom cabinets
  • Lighting around the bathroom vanity

In all these situations, we would recommend LED strip with an IP68 protection level rating.

Waterproof RGB LED strips are often used at amusement parks and outdoor restaurant lighting where both water resistance and multi-color effects are required.

What about the heat generated by the diodes?

Since the waterproof LED tape is completely enclosed, it is good to mount the tape in a waterproof aluminum LED channel because the aluminum helps to dissipate the heat generated by the LEDs. Browse our selection of waterproof LED channels.

How do you install waterproof LED strip?

All of our waterproof LED strips include double-sided tape, but we always recommend that you complete the installation by using neutral (acid-free) silicone or our transparent two-part methacrylate, M155, to run a bead down each side of the strip which will ensure that it does not come loose over time in a wet environment.

Wired4Signs USA has a full range of waterproof LED strips and these can be found by using the filter function on our LED Strip Selector.

If you need assistance with yrou LED lighting project in a wet or damp environment, please do contact us for professional advice.

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