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Bamboo growing

Custom bamboo light pendants

Wired4Signs USA produces a selection of products from bamboo lumber. For example, LED pendant lights clad in sustainable bamboo panels.

Custom bamboo LED pendant lights

By combining our LED lighting product portfolio and expertise with our in-house CNC routing and laser cutting facilities, we are able to produce custom designed bespoke lighting fixtures on demand.

Custom modern bamboo pendant LED light fixture

For this prototype, we CNC routed bamboo laminate panels to create a bamboo pendant light shade. The result is a modern looking LED luminaire that will blend into your decor, providing a premium and unique aesthetic.

We also offer bamboo options on some of our own K-cup holders and other items which we design and manufacture in Knoxville, Tennessee. Why do we use bamboo for LED fixtures and other products? Read on to learn more about bamboo as a material.

Bamboo is not a tree

Regular lumber boards are cut from trees. These trees take years to grow to grow to maturity before they are harvested. For example, even pine - a fast-growing tree - requires at least 25 years before harvesting, and of course hardwoods take even longer. In contrast, bamboo is a type of grass rather than a tree, and is ready to be harvested every six years at most. Notice we said "every six years" - this is because bamboo harvesting leaves the root system in place and therefore does not require replanting. As a bonus, bamboo is suitable to be grown on land that is considered to be marginal agricultural quality.

Bamboo lumber

Bamboo grows as round, hollow stems and these stems have to be processed into useful lumber formats. To do this, the bamboo stems are cut into lengths of about 8ft and then into strips which are planed to size. These strips are boiled and treated for pests and then laminated together into solid boards.

The bamboo strips are sized approximated 3/4" x 1/4" and are laminated in two ways to produce different looks:

  • Horizontal: Here the strips are laid out flat, side by side when they are laminated. This method shows up the bamboo nodes clearly, giving a characteristic bamboo look.
    Bamboo - horizontal Bamboo - horizontal
  • Vertical: In this case, the strips are packed together edge upwards, giving the finished lumber a more uniform grain which looks more like fir or pine. The nodes show up only as little spots.
    Bamboo - vertical Bamboo - vertical

Bamboo lumber is typically available in two colors, other than specifically dyed colors:

  • Natural: To produce natural bamboo, the strips are boiled in hydrogen peroxide to bleach them to a consistent pale blonde color.
    Bamboo - Natural Bamboo - Natural
  • Carbonized: This is a honey or caramel colored lumber produced by heating the bamboo strips under high pressure to release natural starches.
    Bamboo - Carbonized Bamboo - Carbonized

Our bamboo products

Wired4Signs USA manufactures store display and home storage products from bamboo sheet. We can also design an produce custom modern LED light fixtures using bamboo laminate.

Our bamboo products are designed by us and manufactured in the USA. We use our in-house CNC routing and laser cutting & engraving equipment at our factory in Tennessee to produce our standard products which are finished with oil. We can also produce custom products according to your design.

Contact us today to discuss custom projects.

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