Why use Visive for your exterior building accent lighting?

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Exterior Building Accent Lighting

Why use Visive for your exterior building accent lighting?

Visive is a leading UK designer and global manufacturer of linear LED contour lighting solutions and related technology. Their patented technology offers a long lifespan for the installation while ensuring safety - a critical feature for applications in hazardous areas such as gas stations.

Benefits of the Visive LED border tubing solution

1) Built-in protection device

The patented CSC (Current Sense Circuit) protection device constantly monitors the health of your building exterior lighting installation.

The entire range of Visive light lines are protected by CSC which is factory fitted and tested on all outdoor rated power supplies. This means that there is no additional work needed by installers in order for the end user to benefit from this added protection.

There has been an increase in the number of copycat products that are entering the market, some even resorting to using images taken directly from Visive documentation.  These products claim to offer the same features as genuine Visive product but have not been on the market very long and don't benefit from the patented CSC protection device.

Buyers of electrical products need to give safety the same consideration as the actual functionality of the product. This is true regardless of the type of electrical product that is being installed, especially in outdoor, public accessible areas and even more so in environments such as gas stations.. The Visive range of products have been providing brands, site owners and the public with the reassurance that their outdoor LED solutions are powered through the Visive patented CSC protection device, meaning if a potential fault is detected the power to the LED products is automatically removed.  In addition, the CSC device indicates the type of potential fault via an LED, allowing fast and efficient maintenance and shorter downtime.

2) Ease of installation

All Visive contour lighting solutions are plug and play meaning there are no cables to make or manual crimps to rely on and all use the same robust and virtually invisible flush mounting clips. The mounting clips include a high friction clip used to prevent the installed tube from moving, which is especially important when installing the product vertically such as on stanchions or price signs.  All these features result in faster, more consistent and safer installations.

3) Over 20 years of experience

Visive products are backed by over 20 years of experience with building accent lighting and gas station lighting.

In the UK and Europe, the Visive product can be found adding color to almost every global petroleum brand gas station canopy light and is now being used for EV Hub lighting as the world moves towards a more environmentally friendly means of powering vehicles.

4) Wide color range for building lighting

With the wide range of colors and effects available, ease of installation, CSC protection device and over 20 years of experience, Visive is the most complete solution on the market.

5) Field adjustable LED sections

Made in standard 2.4m (7’10 ½”) long sections, Hi-Lite™ 30 is an extruded 30mm diameter acrylic tube which is fixed to the base structure using polycarbonate clips. Long runs can be made by simply daisy-chaining sections together (all cabling, and connections are completely hidden from view behind the tube sections). Hi-Lite™ 30 also features a Field Adjustable Section which provides installers the flexibility of being able to cut sections on site to fit the building exactly, preventing costly measurement and cutting errors.

6) Healthy lifespan

All Visive border tubing products have a long lifetime compared to both traditional cold-cathode and neon alternatives. Indeed, they have sites still operating that are nearly 20 years old! We are careful about selecting the best quality LEDs from top-line suppliers such as Osram, Nichia and Samsung. Even then, parts are test in-house for extended periods to ensure that manufacturer data and lifetime predictions hold up.

The Visive portfolio shows how effective the LED solutions are at bringing both premises and brands to life with color both on gas stations as well as many other retail, sports and recreational venues.

Officially distributed by Wired4Signs USA

Wired4Signs USA currently stocks and support the Visive Brand from Knoxville, TN, USA

See some of their products here.

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