Commercial LED Strip Lights vs. Amazon LED Kits (eGuide)

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commercial LED strips vs Amazon LED kits

Commercial LED Strips vs. Amazon LED Kits

The differences between commercial LED strips vs. Amazon LED kits.

How would you feel if you spent a day installing LEDs in your home only for them to fail in 3 months? That's a feeling many persons have had after using lower cost LED kits off Amazon! When comparing commercial LED strips to Amazon LED kits, we're confident in saying that you're saving time and money in the longrun when investing in quality products from the start. This is where commercial LED light strips come in. Designed for practical buyers, these strips are brighter and more durable, offering the functional lighting your home deserves.

Commercial LED strip lights vs. Amazon LED kits

A detailed comparison of high-quality versus low-quality LED strips. We cover what sets them apart and when and where each can have a place in your house. If you want to buy LEDs for your home but you're unsure about the quality on Amazon, you're in the right place!

Check out our video below, in which we compare 3 of the most popular LED brands on Amazon, and then rank them.

(P.S. - We compared one of our commercial grade LED strips alongside them.)

What makes commercial-grade LED strip lights better?

  1. Brightness
  2. Lifespan
  3. LED density
  4. Lumen wattage
  5. CRI (color rendering index)
  6. Cutting pitch

Comparing Features: Commercial LED Strips VS. Amazon LED Kits

LED Strip Brightness

What makes an LED strip brighter? Two things... LED density and the quality of the LED modules. We'll discuss LED density in a moment. For now, let's talk about LED modules.

Our video demonstrates that our commercial strip is 25X brighter than the DayBetter and KeepSmile LED kits. It is also 13 times brighter than the Govee strip. We tested the brightness of all three products with a high-quality spectrometer.

Even though the commercial strip was 13X brighter than Govee's strip, it only had double as many modules. So, what makes the difference? The quality of the LED modules. Most LED strips on Amazon are made in China and are not meant for functional or commercial lighting.

Commercial LED Strips vs. Amazon LED Kits

Commercial LED Strips vs. Amazon LED Kits

Lifespan of LEDs

The lifespan of an LED strip is possibly the most crucial aspect when making a purchase. Having an LED strip fail after a few months is not only a waste of your money, but also your time! LED kits on Amazon typically last 15,000-20,000 hours, while commercial strips can last over 50,000 hours.

A common problem many persons have with LED kits is controller or remote failure. Most remotes and controllers on Amazon kits are made cheaply to save money. When one of these components malfunctions, it renders the entire strip unusable. Use European controllers and remotes from companies like Casambi and Blebox with your high-quality LEDs to avoid this problem.

Manufacturers of industrial LED strip lights design them to dissipate heat efficiently. This leads to a longer lifespan.

Using an LED profile increases heat dissipation, and provides physical protection. We believe every LED project should include a profile, whichever LED strip you happen to be using.

Commercial LED Strips vs. Amazon LED Kits

Commercial LED Strips vs. Amazon LED Kits

LED Density

LED density is simply the amount of LED modules on a strip per a meter. Professional LED strip lights have an LED density of 60 and up. When comparing Amazon LED strips one thing that stood out was a low density. The highest we found was about 30 LEDs/m, and the others were considerably less.

Commercial LED Strips vs. Amazon LED Kits

Lumen Wattage - Energy Efficiency

LEDs are well known for their energy efficiency, but there are efficient LEDs and more efficient LEDs. Lumen wattage is simply the amount of lumens produced for a watt of electricity. When compared with LED kits of Amazon we found high quality LED strip lights to be almost twice as efficient.

Commercial LED Strips vs. Amazon LED Kits


Put simply, CRI measures how accurately a light source reproduces colors, compared to daylight. 100 is the maximum value. A CRI above 80 provides an accurate color rendition, making us feel comfortable. However, lower cost LED strips usually have a CRI under 70, causing the color of light to irritate us.

See our White Iris Model as an example of a commercial LED strip with a high CRI.

Commercial LED Strips vs. Amazon LED Kits

Cutting Pitch

Perhaps not as important as the other points mentioned in this article, cutting pitch can still make a difference. This is simply the distance between the cuttable points on an LED strip. If the cutting pitch is smaller, it means that the length of your strip is more customizable.

Commercial LED Strips vs. Amazon LED Kits

The first thing to determine is whether this will be an issue for you. Does your strip need to fit into a small space? A smaller cutting pitch will help.

Some of the LED strips on Amazon have a rather lengthy pitch, while others are short enough to not be a problem. Take a second to look at the product pictures, or even better the precise measurement may be in the description. You can find the cutting pitch for our commercial LED strip lights on the product page under general specifications.

Watch this video to learn more about cutting LED strips:

When to buy high-quality versus low-quality LED strips

There are instances where top-quality LED products might not be necessary. Below we consider the options to help you determine the best buy for your project.

When is it alright to use LEDs off Amazon?

There aren't any hard and fast rules, but you should generally avoid LED strips off Amazon for any task lighting projects. If you're installing LEDs under your kitchen cabinets, or lighting a shower niche, this is when you need your LEDs to last.

If you just want to have some fun and play around with LEDs, the Amazon kits are great. The low prices mean that failure is not a significant concern. Use them to create awesome Christmas decorations, or to add a playful touch to your kid's room.

When to use industrial-quality LED strip lights?

We recommend industrial LED light strips for any residential project where you need to literally brighten an area. Most LEDs on amazon are quite dim, and they're not going to make much of a difference.

If you will need your LEDs for as long as you will need your house, buy high quality LED strip lights for these 3 reasons:

  1. You won't need to replace them, saving you time, effort and money.
  2. They'll use less electricity than Amazon LED light strips.
  3. They'll be bright enough to light up your home.

If you believe an industrial LED strip to be the right choice for you, check out our selection. Otherwise, you can get in touch with us for further guidance.

When to use commercial LED strip lights?

Use commercial LED strip lights in offices, storefronts, warehouses, gyms and any other large areas. Over the years we've worked with 100's of companies on 100's of Commercial LED projects. You can take a look at our selection of commercial LED strip here. Otherwise get in touch with us, and we'll walk with you through your project step by step.

Why buy LED light strips from us?

  • Sometimes installing LEDs isn't so easy. Ask us for help on anything and we'll use our 20 years of experience to assist you.
  • We source all our LEDs from Europe and the USA, not China, ensuring the highest quality standards.
  • We can assist in choosing the perfect LED profile for your project, besides a strip. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of LED light strips?

A. They are up to 18 times more energy efficient than halogen and fluorescent. They emit far less heat making them safer, and they last up to 14 times longer.

Q: What is the purpose of commercial lighting?

A. Commercial lighting is used to light up large areas where task lighting is required. Some examples are offices, warehouse, factories, shopping centers, gyms, and parks. These are areas where the light needs to be bright for functional lighting, rather than aesthetic.

Q: Why does LED commercial strip lighting cost so much?

A. Commercial LED strips cost more because they are built to last longer and be energy efficient. That's why commercial strips will actually save you money over time!

Q: What are the benefits of using LED lighting in warehouses?

A. LED lighting lasts up to 25X longer ensuring less time on maintenance and more time working. Their brightness increases employee focus and safety. LEDs are up to 18 times more energy efficient, cutting down the large electricity bill that comes with running a warehouse.

Q: What is the best lighting for commercial?

A. Commercial grade LED lighting is the best choice for commercial spaces. It lasts 25X longer, uses 18X less electricity, and produces much less heat. This saves you time and money, while increasing employee and customer safety.

Q: What is the difference between residential and commercial lighting?

A. Residential lighting is made to light up your house, while looking great at the same time. Whereas commercial lighting prioritizes light output for functionality rather than aesthetic appeal.

Q: What is the most efficient warehouse lighting?

A. LED industrial strip lights are the most efficient solution when lighting a warehouse. They last up to 25X longer and are 18X more efficient, saving you time, work, and money.

Q: Why is commercial lighting important?

A. Commercial lighting increases employee safety, focus, and productivity. A well-lit area makes people feel safe, attracting customers to your store.

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