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Outdoor furniture LED lighting

Outdoor furniture LED lighting

Do you have an outdoor space that is lifeless? Adding LED accent lighting under tables, benches and bar counters gives warmth and ambience to any outdoor setting. Whether you are looking for a little more light with simple white LED lighting, or for mood changing colors with RGB lighting, our custom-made waterproof LED fixtures are the perfect solution for outdoor lighting. Indirect outdoor lighting enhances the night-time decor and fills in the dark spots.

We use our in-stock aluminum LED lighting channels and LED strips, which we custom cut to suit your project. Then we resin-fill the assembled light using our own computerized resin-filling equipment for professional results and a waterproof fixture that is made to size and suited for outdoor installation.

Outdoor waterproof resin filled LED lighting

We look forward to helping you achieve your project requirements. Contact Wired4Signs today.

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