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Under cabinet & under counter LED lighting

Under cabinet & under counter LED lighting

We have extensive experience in custom LED lighting projects and installations. Today we will guide you through the process of selecting a custom under cabinet or under counter LED lighting solution.

The beauty of the under cabinet LED lighting which we supply is how customizable the product range is when it comes to look, length, color, light output and user controls.

Please contact us to discuss your project requirements.

Step 1: Choose an LED profile

LED profiles are also known as LED channels, and are typically an aluminum extrusion with a shape designed for a specific application such as corner mounting, recessed mounting or surface mounting. The profile typically also accommodates a cover or diffuser and end caps.

There are a number of important advantages to using an aluminum profile rather than simply fixing the LED tape to the cabinet:

    1. Provides an aesthetically pleasing finish
    2. Provides a clean, smooth mounting surface for the LED strip
    3. Protects the LED strip from physical damage
    4. Acts as a good heat sink, helping to dissipate heat generated by the LEDs
    5. The profile serves to hold the diffuser which softens the dot effect from the LED strip, reducing visible light spots so that even, smooth lighting is achieved

      Here are some types of profiles that are typically suited to cabinet making or millwork projects:

      Surface mounted profiles

      Surface mount cabinet LED profile
      Browse our selection of surface mount LED profiles

      Corner mounted profiles

      Corner mounted LED profile
      Browse our selection of corner LED profiles

      Recessed profiles

      Recessed LED profile
      Browse our selection of recessed LED profiles

      Step 2: Choose an LED strip

      The LED strip is the light source for your project. Selecting a suitable strip requires some understanding of the technical features of LED strip. Read our LED strip buyers guide to learn more about color, CRI, voltage, luminosity, cutting pitch and more.

      We offer LED strip in white, colors and RGB. Browse our range of LED strips to select one for your project.

      Step 3: Choose a power supply

      Important: Power supplies should always be installed by a licensed electrician.

      Please read our guide to common faults when installing LED power supplies.

      All common LED strips require a direct current power supply (PSU), also known as a "driver". In addition, you may also install a dimmer (for single color strip, including white) or a controller (for tunable white or RGB strip).

      When choosing a power supply for your project, you need to consider:

      1. How many power supplies do you require?
      2. If lighting sections are more than 10 feet apart, we recommend using a separate power supply for each section to avoid voltage losses.
      3. Always over-spec power supplies with 20-30% margin. For example, if your strip will require 25W (see our strip buyers guide) then it is recommended to purchase a 35W power supply.
      4. Always use suitably rated stranded wire to ensure minimum voltage loss.

      Browse our range of LED power supplies and our range of dimmers and controllers to select suitable hardware to complete your project.

      Installation examples

      Bar counter LED lighting

      Floating shelf recessed LED lighting

      Bar shelf LED lighting

      Bar glasses LED lighting

      Common solutions we cater for

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      Contact us

      Please contact us to discuss your project requirements. Our sales team is ready to help you create the effect you want.

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