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Casambi partnership with Crestron

Casambi partners with Crestron commercial lighting control and automation

Casambi announces partnership with Crestron

In June 2022, Casambi announced a partnership with Crestron – a global leader in building and lighting automation – which will mean cross-compatibility between Casambi's wireless mesh network and Crestron's Zūm product line.

Casambi wireless mesh network lighting control logo

The Casambi ecosystem offers an extensive range of lighting control products based on their resilient Bluetooth wireless mesh network technology. Many of these products are either small enough to be embedded at the point of use, or their technology is included in the lighting fixture itself.

Crestron lighting automation logo

Crestron is a globally recognized leader in central building and lighting control systems. Their widely distributed lighting control system uses industry standards such as 0-10V, DALI®, DMX, and phase control all merged on one enterprise IoT network.

What does this mean for you, the building automation designer?

The new possibility of including Casambi-ready lighting controls into your familiar Crestron designs opens up a whole new range of options for your intelligent lighting designs. The Casambi ecosystem adds a selection over 600 compatible lighting products to the current Crestron compatible options. Browse our range of Casambi compatible LED dimmers and controllers.

Need help choosing a product?

Wired4Signs has a team of experienced sales staff who will guide to the optimum solution for your automated LED lighting control requirements. Contact us today.

Read the full press release: Crestron’s Products now Compatible with Casambi’s Wireless Luminaire Level Control

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