Hexagon LED Lighting Fixture Ideas & Products (Online Guide)

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black hexagon ceiling light

Hexagon Lighting Fixture Ideas and Products

Pre-made LED profile corner joints

Wired4Signs USA has many LED channels that could be used to manufacture a hexagonal light design but until recent times this was an intricate task. Cutting our profiles to form hexagon shaped lights involved contractors having to cut very precise angles and a layout assistant to ensure a quality fixture with no light bleeds. The introduction of modern LED channels like the Linea20, and Vario30 range make this task significantly easier with pre-made corners that take the guesswork out of making, for example, hexagon LED pendant lights. Below we discuss our range of hexagon LED light systems.

 Hexagon Lighting Fixture Ideas and Products

The Linea20 LED system

The below black hexagon ceiling light system has been created using our Topmet Linea20 LED channel with its pre-made 120-degree corners that are designed to make a sturdy fixture.

black hexagon light fixture

A black hexagon light fixture can bring a modern feel to virtually any environment, whether you are wanting a feature pendant light for a vaulted ceiling or a modern looking luminaire over a dining room table.

A black hexagonal pendant light is ideal in this scenario because the black LED channel and the black hanging gear become almost invisible on the black ceiling backdrop.

The Combo30 LED channel

The Combo30 LED channel allows you to create a slightly bulkier hexagon ceiling light fixture and has a compartment that allows your power supply or Casambi smart lighting receiver to be completely hidden inside the profile. The Combo30 system however does not have pre-made corners but rather uses sturdy angle steel connectors.

hexagon light patterns

The Vario30 LED family

The Vario30-02 LED channel is a deeper channel that will allow the creation of hexagon light patterns with more aluminum visible because of the higher side walls.

    The Vario30-05 profile is a mud-in profile that enables you to create a completely seamless hexagon LED ceiling light with a flush trimless finish.

      The Vario30-06 and Vario30-07 recessed ceiling light channels create a semi-flush mount hexagon-shaped ceiling light with the choice of a variety of corner bend shapes and angles.

      Most of these profiles come with a variety of pre-made corners or connectors to produce a huge variety of light shape lines.

      Hexagon Lighting Fixture Ideas and Products

      Wired4Signs has a solution for you

      We welcome custom or special-order projects and offer the service of providing you with plug-and-play solutions for all our channels for LED hexagon ceiling lights.

      Contact our sales team today for help with your hexagon lights for ceiling project.

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