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ceiling recessed led strip lighting

Building a modern ceiling recessed LED strip lighting fixture

Recessed LED lighting offers an attractive and modern solution to lighting which can be both discrete and eye-catching at the same time. Read our guide to learn more about how to install recessed LED lighting.

A guide on how to build a modern recessed LED lighting fixture for your ceiling

Factors to consider before ordering your ceiling recessed linear light:

  1. What is the intended function of your recessed linear light fixture?

    This is an important consideration because your decision could determine the size of the LED channel and the type of LED strip lighting that you choose, and whether you need to add accessories like the optional light reflectors.

    If the intended purpose of the installation is mere decorative linear LED lighting, then your goal would usually just be to achieve an even or homogeneous finish. This can often be achieved by a single row of a LED strip light in a wide channel and a substantial reduction of control gear that would be needed in a functional lighting installation saving you energy as well as money.

    High specification and functional architectural recessed LED linear lighting, on the other hand, need a combination of high light efficiency diffusers, high output energy efficient LED strip lights, and the insertion of optional reflectors inside the channel. Our King Protea LED series is the best tape for LED lights in this scenario because they are high output, high efficiency, and high density LED lights. Having LED strip lights with a high-density chip population assists not only with high output but also with providing a homogeneous (dot-less) finish even in a smaller LED channel.

    residential recessed linear lighting

  2. What is the ideal width of your linear recessed ceiling lights?

    Besides the end visual result that you are trying to achieve with your recessed LED strip lighting ceiling installation, an important consideration is the width of your recessed LED channel.

    So, for example, if you are trying to use a very narrow recessed LED channel, like our 0.39" wide Groove10, to achieve a functional light output in a room, you will be disappointed. The narrow-recessed channel will greatly reduce your light spread and the achievable output of the LED strip due to the reduced heat sink capabilities. Instead, using a larger profile like the Vario30-06 recessed LED channel would mean that you will be able to potentially use two rows of high-density LED strips to achieve a much higher light output.

    When it comes to architectural linear lighting, we have even bigger recessed LED strip lighting channels such as the 3" wide RPLW80-FL large-recessed channel to provide excellent building lighting. This 3-inch LED light strip, together with our King Protea Series LED strip, will provide excellent functional lighting from bathrooms to boardrooms, and its homogeneous look also makes it a good choice for decorative linear LED lighting.

    ceiling recessed linear light

  3. Is it an existing installation or a new build?

    We have recessed drywall channels for new builds that you can mud-in to achieve a trimless finish, or we have flanged drywall channels which are inserted into a slot cut into existing drywall.

    An example of a recessed ceiling drywall channel is the Vario30-06 or for the plaster-in ceiling channel, Vario30-04.

    led ceiling lights strip

  4. Is it an indoor or outdoor recessed linear LED lighting installation?

    All of our recessed LED channels will work for indoor linear lights in ceiling applications, and any of our anodized or coated versions are suitable for outdoor recessed linear LED lighting applications. However, if you are requiring exterior recessed linear LED lighting, you will want to either consider using waterproof architectural LED strip lighting like our White Iris IP68 strip, or we also offer the service of filling our LED strip channels with LED epoxy to make a completely waterproof LED strip channel. Contact us for more information on the resin-filled waterproof LED strip channels.

    Exterior recessed linear LED lighting may also require IP68 waterproof power supplies like the Meanwell HLG or XLG series.

  5. Do you want a straight recessed linear light fixture or do you want to build a square or rectangle recessed ceiling light?

    Some of the recessed linear lighting channels have premade straight connectors to produce linkable LED linear light bar fixtures, and some of them include either premade corners or 90-degree connectors to build rectangular flush mount lights.

    rectangle recessed ceiling light

  6. Do you want your linear recessed ceiling lights on the ceiling or wall?

    Most of our ceiling-mounted linear LED lighting can also be used on walls. Where you need a light fixture that fits a transition between wall and ceiling, or if you need matching wall and ceiling lights, then you can consider profiles like the Vario30-05 with premade perpendicular 90-degree corner pieces.

     led lights on ceiling or wall

Popular uses for LED strip ceiling lights

  • Residential recessed linear lighting
  • Dining room feature lighting
  • Bathroom flush mount lights
  • Office recessed LED linear lighting
  • Modern mall recessed linear LED light fixtures
  • Modern living room lighting
  • Recessed linear LED lighting residential soffit lighting
  • Entertainment area linear recessed lighting
  • Airport building LED strip lights on ceiling or wall

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can LED ceiling light strip profiles be cut and mitered?
A: Yes, LED profiles can easily be cut by hand or by machine.

Q: Do your ceiling-mounted linear LED lighting channels come in kits with LED strip lighting?
A: We are building up some kit options, but in the meantime, we can assist you in building up a recessed lighting kit to your specification – please contact us via live chat or email us at

Q: Do you supply multi-color LED recessed lights?
A: Yes, we can supply units with RGB LED strip light and also build in our Casambi RGB LED controllers for wireless remote control from your smartphone.

Q: Can you use recessed lighting for 1-inch-thick ceiling?
A: Yes, some of our LED profiles like the RPL55 or the Vario30-06 recessed LED channels have butterfly clips to accommodate up to 1" ceiling board.

Do you need assistance with your recessed ceiilng light project?

Contact us for more information and assistance with the design or installation of your recessed LED strip channel project.

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