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LED Under Cabinet Lighting

led under cabinet lighting
led under cabinet lighting
led under cabinet lighting

LED Under Cabinet/Counter Lighting

Here we attempt to guide you through the process of providing you with custom solutions for the best under cabinet lighting or led under counter lights.

The beauty of the under cabinet led lighting that we supply is how customizable the products are when it comes to look,length,color and light output.

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Step 1:- Choose The LED housing profiles

The above profiles are generally used by cabinet makers
Choose a LED profile ,cover ,clips and end caps

View Our Profile Range
Why are LED profiles important ?
  • provide a aesthetically pleasing finish
  • provide a good clean mounting surface
  • provide a good heat sink to increase LED life (wood ,plastic are insulators and can over-heat LED's)
  • provide physical protection
  • can assist with diffusing light to prevent visible light spots on marble counters

Step 2:- Choose the LED Strips

The common ranges of strip used in cabinets are the following:-

Click to see common ranges below
Standard LED Strip
Color Changing LED Strip
High CRI (True Color),High Power LED Strip
View Full LED Strip Range

Step 3 :- Choose a Power Supply

NB:-We recommend that power supplies are installed by a qualified electrician

Please read:- common faults in installing PSUs

When choosing a power supply consider the following to suite your installation

1) do you want as few power supplies as possible ?
2) if sections are more than 10 feet apart - we recommend getting a power supply for each section
3) always over spec power supplies i.e eg. your LED Strip is rated at 25watts - get the closest power supply that is 20-30% above that rating (In this case a 35 watt)
4) Use suitably rated stranded wire

For indoor purposes - Our LRS range is the most common for these applications
View Power Supply Range

Installation examples

The Common Solutions We Cater For
kitchen under cabinet lighting
led strip lights under cabinet
wireless under cabinet lighting
led light bar under cabinet
under shelf lighting
kitchen lighting
under counter lighting
led under cabinet lighting
led shelf lighting
shelf lighting
bookshelf lighting
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