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180 Deg Square Neon LED Strip Diffuser Channel ~ Model Alu-Square

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180 Deg Square Neon LED Strip Diffuser Channel ~ Model Alu Square

This aluminum profile is designed to mount 3 sided LED Strip Diffuser featuring side-emitting, snap-on, round or square-shaped diffusers.

The LED channel has an opal milky led strip diffuser and is therefore completely LED DOT FREE for led 60 led per meter strip and anything more densely populated and is provides a UV resistant led strip diffuser tube. 

The 180-degree cover enables LED that looks like neon straights for architectural applications. The profiles can be butt joined together forming a continuous LED line or neon light fixtures. This LED Strip Diffuser is a popular choice for a Philips Hue light strip diffuser.

The profile delivers soft diffused light, can accommodate standard led stripes mid-power up to 16mm width. The right selected aluminum-alloy body serves as the heat sink for the LED strip by providing proper cooling.

The LED Strip Diffuser is designed for surface installation with a standard ST3,5mm self-threading screw.

The Alu-Square LED Strip Diffuser channel can be finished with aluminum end caps installed by the two screws on the side. 

Important notes

  • The Aluminum profile, LED Strip Diffuser, end caps are all sold separately - please select accessories below while the LED Aluminum profile can be selected here.
  • Stock Items Are Same Day Shipped From Knoxville, Tennesse, United States.
  • Bulk Pricing Available on Request
  • Standard Profile length is 2 meter (6.56ft)
  • Please find Alu-Square LED Strip Diffuser product brochure here



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