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W4S Edge-lit Modules

Our W4S Edge-lit LED Module comes with a focused lens to provide the most efficient way to led light your light box sign .

Simply run LED modules  along two edges of your illuminated signs

These modules are ideal for single sided or double-sided light boxes. Suitable in most light box applications from 2 inches - 12 inches deep and up to 10ft high

Many of our customers use these LED modules to light up fabric on a fabric light box 

LED fabric is prone to hot spots when using back-lit modules or LED strip whereas these side illumination modules more have a "wash" light effect 

Another application for these modules is to replace conventional wall washer lights and can be used to build a custom led wall washer 

These LED modules are waterproof rated at IP67 and therefore can be used as an outdoor led module as well as in indoor applications

Reduce your labor costs and material costs today, while achieving and even spread of light.


led wash lights

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