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Waterproof Continuous Linear LED Lighting System ~ Lumaera Series

The Lumaera LED lighting system from Vexica provides end to end linear LED illumination without end caps. The unique resin technology allows fixtures to be connected in daisy chain which provides continuously lit grazing whilst maintaining a consistent optical pitch.

There are two profiles in this series, with a choice of side or rear entry cable connection. Both profiles are available in a selection of LED types with continuous diffusers: White (warm & cool), Tunable-White, RGB, and Addressable RGB pixel. In addition, an optically focused white wall grazer is available with a choice of three lens angles.

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Lumaera 19

This is a low-profile waterproof linear LED light profile with side-exit cable connections.

Cross-section: 19 x 16mm (0.74" x 0.63")

White Linear LED System
Vexica Lumaera-19 White Linear LED Light

Optically Focused Linear LED Wall Grazer
Lumaera-19-TIR White Linear LED Wall Grazer

Lumaera 19 H

This is a deeper waterproof linear LED light profile with rear-exit cable connections.

Cross-section: 19 x 25.5mm (0.74” x 1.00”)

White Linear LED System
Lumaera-19-H White Linear LED Light

Dynamic RGB Pixel Linear LED System
Lumaera-19-RGB-DYN Linear RGB Light

If you are interested in integrating these products into your LED lighting project, please contact us for further information. View selected products in our store.