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Vexica Group and Wired4Signs USA

Vexica Group LED products made in Britain

Wired4Signs USA established distribution rights with Vexica in 2021 and are pleased to offer their specialized LED product range and expertise in the United States.

Vexica are an independent British manufacturer with a focus on an innovative range of LED products for the flexible and linear lighting marketplace. They offer the world's first flexible LED wall grazers. Vexica have also recently launched some world firsts in flexible LED technology, and look forward to bringing their new UL listed range to the United States.

As a leader in the design & delivery of LED lighting products, Vexica focuses on providing top quality professional lighting systems for specified projects to the global market.

The company’s production plant on the outskirts of Leeds, UK has a dedicated factory for the assembly of LED luminaires and electronics. Combining this with their high tech bespoke luminaire design service, they incorporate specific LED technology into products to meet designers requirements. Vexica designs products in Solid works and uses a Computational Fluid Dynamic software suite to analyze product designs thermally, assuring their customers of top-quality LED products.

Vexica has a standard range of linear and flexible products but also designs bespoke LED luminaires for projects. Approximately 65% of products sold are either 100% custom made or have modifications made to them for project integration.

Vexica has also placed a significant investment in a state of the art fully automated CNC controlled robotic resin encapsulation system which is the UK's first production line of its kind. This system allows the creation, encapsulation and the production of both rigid and flexible LED linear lighting solutions.

Vexica has UL approval of products for the distribution of its lines in the United States and their entire product line is CE approved by third party test houses.

Product highlights

Flexi Line LED Wall Grazers

Flexi Light LED Wall Grazer

Click here for more information about the Flexi Light wall grazers

Flexi Line LED Light Lines

Flexi Line LED Light Lines

Click here for more information about the Flexi Line light lines

Lumaera Linear LED System

Lumaera Linear LED System

Click here for more information about the Lumaera linear LED system

If you are interested in integrating these products into your LED lighting project, please contact us for further information.