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Waterproof Flexible LED Light Lines ~ Flexi Line Series

The Flexi Line from Vexica is a unique flexible LED luminaire available in side or top bending versions. This unique product is designed to bend with the contour of a building facade and features, or for cove lighting detail.

These product use top quality LED chips and offer superb dot-free light output from a diffused light emitting surface.

The Flexi Line products are manufactured in the UK using robust and resistant polyurethane resin components for durability and flexibility.

Flexi Line S

This is a waterproof side-bending diffused LED light line is available in a selection of power options and LED types depending on your application.

Available types: White (warm & cool), Tunable white, RGB, RGBW, and Addressable RGB pixel

Cross-section: 15 x 20mm (0.59” x 0.78”)

Flexible Side-Bending RGBW Light Line
Flexi-Line-S-RGBW Flexible RGBW Light Line

Flexi Line T

This flexible light line is the top-bending version of the Flexi Line series and is available in a selection of power outputs and LED types to suit your project requirements.

Available types: White (warm & cool), Tunable white, RGB, and Addressable RGB pixel.

Cross section:  16 x 15 mm (0.63” x 0.59”)

Direct View LED Pixel Light Line
Flexi-Line-T-RGB-DYN Direct View RGB Pixel Light Line

If you are interested in integrating these products into your LED lighting project, please contact us for further information.