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Wago 221 Series Multi-Wire Splicing Lever-Nut Connector

Wago 221 Series Multi-Wire Splicing Lever-Nut Connector

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The Wago 221 Series lever-nut wire splicing connectors are single-circuit electrical connection blocks which are available in 2-lever, 3-lever and 5-lever versions. These Wago wire connectors are offered in a selection of pack sizes from 10-pack up to contractor size bulk packs.

These compact Wago 221 wiring connectors are ideal for quick and reliable electrical connections when you need to distribute power from a single power source to multiple LED drivers. Use the Wago lever-nut electrical connectors to replace traditional twist-on wiring nut connectors for consistent and verifiable wiring splices in all your electrical installations. These UL approved compact splicing connectors fit into small wiring spaces and therefore can be used as electrical junction box connectors and field wiring connectors in distribution boxes.

How to use a Wago 221 lever connector

Please refer to the Wago 221 series cut sheet below for complete instructions and technical details.

  1. Lever nut wire connectors are suitable for use with solid core, stranded, and fine stranded electrical wire.
  2. Prepare the wire by removing 11mm (0.43") of insulation from the tip.
  3. Lift one lever, fully insert the wire and close the lever again.
  4. Gently pull the wire to ensure that it is securely held.
  5. Repeat the process for each wire that needs to be connected.

WARNING: These connectors are single-circuit connection blocks. Do not connect live (hot) and neutral (ground) conductors on the same block.

General specifications

  • Model number:
    • 2-way: Wago 221-412
    • 3-way: Wago 221-413
    • 5-way: Wago 221-415
  • Multi-conductor, single-circuit splicing wire connector block
  • Connect any combination of solid, stranded, and flexible copper wires faster and more reliably.
  • Minimize space consumption in the junction box by 40% compared to Wago 222 Series lever nut.
  • Visually inspect for proper strip length and complete wire insertion through its transparent housing.
  • Two easily accessible test points
  • Applications:
    • Electrical distribution connections
    • Junction box connections
    • Multi-wire electrical splicing
    • Connection of solid and stranded electrical wire and cables
  • Wire size:
    • Solid core: 0.2 ... 4mm² (24 ... 12 AWG)
    • Stranded: 0.2 ... 2.5mm² (24 ... 12 AWG)
    • Fine stranded: 0.14 ... 4mm² (24 ... 12 AWG)
  • Nominal voltage: 450V (EN 60664) / 600V (UL Group C)
  • Rated current: 32A (EN 60664) / 20A (UL Group C)
  • Maximum ambient temperature: 85°C (185°F)
  • Approvals: UL 486C (E69654), CCA EN 60998 (NTR NL-7827) and KEMA/KEUR EN 60998 (71-113253 Rev.1)


Important notes

  • Items in stock are shipped the same day from Knoxville, Tennessee, United States
  • Bulk pricing is available on request

Frequently asked questions

Q: Do the Wago 221 lever nut connectors make it easy to check that my wiring is securely connected?
A: Yes, the transparent housing of the connector makes it easy to visually confirm that your wiring is correctly installed.

Q: I always use twist on wiring connectors. What is the main advantage of using a Wage 221 lever-nut?
A: These multi-pole Wago connectors make maintenance easy because they allow you to add or remove individual wires to the circuit without having to disconnect the existing wiring.

Q: Is that the only advantage of using a lever nut connector? This is permanent installation and I don't think I will need to do maintenance.
A: Besides easy maintenance, Wago 221 connectors are also quicker to install than other methods and are more consistent in providing a secure connection.

Q: How many wires can I connect with a Wago 221 multi-pole connector?
A: These lever nut connectors are available from 2 to 5-pole versions. Have you ever tried fitting five wires into a twist on connector?

Q: What is the maximum current for Wago 5 wire lever nut?
A: The maximum current for a Wago 5 wire lever nut depends on the specific model and variant. It's crucial to refer to the manufacturer's specifications and documentation for precise information.

Q: I need to connect the fine-stranded cables from my LED power supplies to the solid core AC supply wiring from the distribution board. Will these connectors work?
A: Yes, Wago 221 series lever-nut connectors work with any wire type and are ideal for this application - since each wire is secured by its own lever, the solid core and stranded wires are individually and securely connected.

Q: Is the Wago lever nut waterproof?
A: No, Wago lever nut connectors are not waterproof. They are designed for use in dry environments and are not intended to be submerged in water. If you require a waterproof connection, it's recommended to use specialized waterproof wago lever nut connectors or enclosures.

Q: Are the Wago 221 series connectors code approved?
A: Yes, the Wago 221 lever-nuts are UL 486C listed, as well as CCA EN 60998 and KEMA/KEUR EN 60998 certified.

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