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Adjustable Grow Light LED Strip 3Red:1Blue

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Color ratio adjustable grow light LED flexible strips are equipped with a chipset containing 3 Red Chips and 1 Blue Chip. This technology enables you to adjust the color ratio of the red and blue chips to set the optimal light ratio for your plants to thrive.

Using together with one of our aluminum LED profiles you can custom make your own Grow lights.

Type: LED Grow Lights
Lumens/ft: 122-152
Wattage: 19.2W/m (3.28ft)
LED Chips per Meter/3.28ft: SMD5050 60LED/m (3.28ft)
Voltage: DC12v
IP Rating: IP20
PCB Width: 12mm (0.472inches)
Cuttable Every: 50mm (1.97inches)
RollSize: Sold Per 5m/16.4ft Roll
Colors: Grow Light
Warranty: 3 Year (50 000 hour lifespan)

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