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20A 4-Channel LED Amplifier/Repeater ~ ampBox by BleBox

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ampBox - LED Amp

  • ampBox is a professional, four-channel LED amplifier(4x5amp), designed to work in traditional and smart low-voltage LED systems.
  • The LED Amp allows users to attach large lighting loads to other controllers such as LightBox and wLightBox 
  • This tiny led amplifier is used to (a) boost the signal from a master controller as well as (b) add more power into the installation to prevent voltage drop.
  • Common Uses for this powerful little LED Amp is as a led strip amplifier, RGB amplifier, RGBW amplifier
  • Some of our clients use these as a Philips Hue light strip AMP to be able to run longer lengths of Hue Strip
  • ampBox works with virtually every type of low voltage LED strip or LED Modules.
  • An example diagram of how ampBox can be used.
  • Wiring diagram with a Bluetooth controller
  • Digital signal enhancement
  • Optical isolation for safety.
  • Ready for RGBW lighting.
  • ampbox allows users to attach significant LED lighting loads while still providing a safe lighting system, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Due to its compact size, ampbox can be installed in several different locations around the house to manage your lighting system.
  • Do you know that the amplifier heated as a result of the current flow? And the warmer they are (resistance increases), the worse they work? Ampbox dissipates heat in the entire surface of the housing, thanks to this heats much slower in comparison with other LED amplifiers.
  • Have you seen a Chinese amplifier with the same characteristics? small details can cause big problems. Thanks to its unique design and the parallel combination of several load power elements, which for some amplifiers are only ” maximum instantaneous”, the ampBox is completely normal.
  • User manual and cut-sheet.
  • Made In Poland
  • This LED Amp is stocked and same day shipped from Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

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