Network Gateway w/ Casambi-DALI CBU-DALI-GATEWAY for Sale

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Network Gateway with Casambi to DALI Converter ~ Model CBU-DALI-GATEWAY

Network Gateway with Casambi to DALI Converter ~ Model CBU-DALI-GATEWAY

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The CBU-DALI-GATEWAY is a versatile and compact DIN-rail mounted network interface that seamlessly connects Casambi and DALI lighting systems in either direction. Designed for ease of use and flexibility, this gateway allows for control of multiple DALI lighting devices through the Casambi wireless mesh platform or the connection of Casambi devices to a DALI master.

The CBU-DALI-GATEWAY Casambi signal converter is compatible with a wide 12-48V DC supply and provides a DALI bus connection, enabling smooth communication between a Casambi wireless network and a wired DALI lighting control networks. With the command from the Casambi smart control system to DALI protocol, you have the power to effortlessly control and manage your DALI devices using the intuitive Casambi control interface.

This DALI gateway device can alternatively be configured to function as a DALI-to-Casambi convertor, allowing you to control Casambi wireless luminaires from your existing DALI master.

This versatile wireless DALI gateway can be configured to operate as a DALI broadcast dimmer, control a variety of single DALI fixtures, control DALI groups, and control DALI DT8 devices. The following configuration profiles are available to provide a versatile DALI control solution:

  • Gateway functions:
    • Casambi to DALI gateway
    • DALI to Casambi gateway
  • DALI fixture control with automatic address allocation:
    • Dimmer: 1 address (1x single-channel fixture)
    • Dimmer: 4 addresses (4x single-channel fixtures)
    • TW: 2 addresses (1x tunable-white fixture)
    • RGB: 3 addresses (1x RGB fixture)
    • RGB+W: 4 addresses (1x RGB+W fixture)
    • RGB+TW: 5 addresses (1x RGB+TW fixture)
  • DALI group control:
    • Dimmer: 4 groups
    • Dimmer: 8 groups
  • DALI DT8 control:
    • TW: 1x DALI DT8 BC TW broadcast
    • RGB: 1x DALI DT8 RGB broadcast
    • RGB+W: 1x DALI DT8 RGB+W broadcast

Whether you want to expand the capabilities of your Casambi system to include DALI devices or control DALI fixtures through the Casambi platform, the CBU-DALI-GATEWAY offers a seamless integration solution. With its reliable performance and easy installation, it is a valuable tool for lighting professionals seeking efficient and versatile control options.

General specifications

  • Supply Voltage: 12-48V DC
  • Channels Output: 1-channel (RGBW)
  • Local Input: 1x Push Button (N.O.)
  • Bus 1: Casambi
  • Bus 2: DALI
  • Dimensions: 92 x 36 x 62mm (3.62 x 1.41" x 2.44")
  • Warranty: 5 years


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