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Reception Desk Sneeze Guard

Reception Desk Sneeze Guard


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Reception Desk Sneeze Guard ~ U Shaped Sneeze Guard

  • Our Reception Desk Sneeze Guard is manufactured in our factory near Knoxville, TN, USA, out of tough 3/16" polycarbonate material that will not crack or shatter.
  • We have designed an easy way to assemble these (see animation below) while still providing a durable structure.
  • Our standard Reception Desk Sneeze Guard is 63" wide x 30" high x 29 " deep but we are constantly adding popular sizes to our stock.
  • Detailed U-Shaped Sneeze Guard cut sheet

Common uses

  • Counter sneeze guard
  • Reception sneeze guard
  • Student sneeze guard
  • Free-standing sneeze guard

Other custom sneeze guards that we manufacture are:

  • plexiglass sneeze guard
  • acrylic sneeze guard
  • custom sneeze guards for restaurants
  • portable sneeze guard
  • curved sneeze guard
  • desk sneeze guard