RGB Pixel SK6812 IP68 Waterproof LED Strip (5V) for sale

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RGB Pixel SK6812 IP68 Waterproof LED Strip (5V) ~ Lantana Series

RGB Pixel SK6812 IP68 Waterproof LED Strip (5V) ~ Lantana Series

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RGB Pixel SK6812 IP68 Waterproof LED Strip (5V) only ~ we sell the profile, channel, covers, endcaps, and all other accessories separately.

RGB Pixel SK6812 IP68 Waterproof LED Strip (5V) ~ Lantana Series


RGB SK6812 IP68 Waterproof LED Strip ~ Lantana Series

The RGB SK6812 IP68 LED Strip is a highly versatile and customizable lighting solution. This strip light also features built-in SK6812 RGB LEDs, which are digitally addressable and capable of displaying individual RGB colors and brightness levels. Additionally, with its Single-BUS programming and simple protocol, this LED strip is incredibly easy to program and control.

Furthermore, the RGB SK6812 Waterproof LED Strip Lantana Series offers impressive extension and flexibility, allowing users to connect multiple strips together and create a massive, long LED display. This makes it an ideal lighting solution for a wide range of applications.

However, it's important to note that the brightness and quantity of LEDs directly impact the power consumption of the strip. Connecting multiple strips may also require an additional power supply to maintain optimal performance.

In conclusion, the RGB SK6812 LED Strip is a highly flexible and versatile lighting option that is perfect for creating stunning visual displays. With its addressable RGB capabilities, users can also easily program the strip to display a wide range of colors and brightness levels.

General specifications

  • Top-quality components
  • 10.5W / meter
  • 3-chip digital addressing LED (based on SK6812)
  • Thick FPC
  • 60 LEDs per meter,
  • Dimmable
  • Only 11.6 mm wide
  • Supply voltage 5V
  • Protection against polarity reversal
  • A thermally conductive adhesive, also easy installation on the surface,
  • IP68 Waterproof.
  • IP20 can be found here
  • Cutting possibility every 16.6 mm (every LED)
  • Packed on 3m rolls
  • The maximum length to be powered in series is 3m
  • Long rolls can also be ordered
  • SK6812 LED strip designed and manufactured in Europe for Wired4signs USA
  • Works beautifully with our Wifi BleBox pixelBox Controller
  • View the cut sheet here

Important notes

  • We sell LED strips, covers, mounting brackets, endcaps, shelf/sign panels, and other accessories separately.
  • For your convenience Wired4Signs USA can also assemble ready to use plug and play light fitting to your specification.
  • Please note that we cannot refund or replace LED strip that has been cut.
  • We ship items in stock the same day from Knoxville, Tennessee, United States. Additionally, our team dedicates themselves to carefully packing and safely delivering all packages to their destination.
  • Bulk pricing is available on request. Moreover, for larger orders, we offer additional discounts and customized pricing to fit your project needs.

Preventing LED failure

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