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Skirting & Baseboard LED Lighting Profile ~ Model Skirt10

Skirting & Baseboard LED Lighting Profile ~ Model Skirt10

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Profile only - diffuser, end caps and all other accessories are sold separately

What is the Skirt10 LED channel?

Skirt10 is a LED Skirting & Baseboard Lighting Channel with a reflective cove in the profile which is designed to allow LED lighting to shine indirect light onto the floor. This channel is ideal for accent illumination in passageways, hallways and corridors. It can also be used for baseboard accent lighting in kitchens.

Additionally, the baseboard or skirting lighting system consists of a base profile which is mounted to the wall and houses the LED strip, and a cover profile which is clipped on after installation. Furthermore, this profile is available in anodized silver or white.

Get a clean and modern look while enjoying energy-efficient lighting solutions using Skirt10 LED Skirting & Baseboard Lighting Channel.

Pros & Cons of the Skirt10 LED Channel


  • Modern, elegant alternative to wooden baseboards
  • Rust proof and rot proof
  • Simple installation with hidden screws
  • Space to hide cables
  • Matching non-illuminated profile available


Specifications for the Skirt10 LED channel

  • Overall dimensions: 72.9mm x 14mm (2.87" x 0.55")
  • Continuous line of light when using 60 LEDs/m strip
  • Maximum width of LED strip: 10mm
  • Recommended for use with carpets or matt floor surfaces

How to install the Skirt10 LED channel

Please refer the Skirt10 cut sheet for detailed instructions and dimensions.

Tools required:

  • Fine-tooth hacksaw (or miter saw with aluminum blade)
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Scissors
  • Soldering iron

Mechanical installation

  1. Read about cutting aluminum profiles first.
  2. Cut the base and cover components together to ensure an accurate fit.
  3. First cut miter angles for corner joints if required.
  4. Next, cut the profile to the required length allowing 2mm (5/64") space for each end cap.
  5. Cut the diffuser to the same length as the aluminum base profile, using scissors for the A Slide diffuser or a fine-tooth hacksaw for the C2 Click diffuser.
  6. Drill screw holes through the wiring spaces of the base profile approximately every 500mm (20").
  7. Screw the base profile to the wall.
  8. Use the matching linear or corner connectors to ensure neat joints.
  9. Do not install the diffuser or cover profile until the electrical installation is completed.

Electrical installation

  1. Please use a licensed electrician for all wiring work.
  2. Drill wiring holes as required vertically between the upper wiring space and the LED strip mounting recess.
  3. Drill wiring holes as required through the back of the base profile into the wall.
  4. Cut the LED strip to the required length, ensuring that you cut the tape at the indicated positions.
  5. Install the LED strip into the base profile with the self-adhesive tape.
  6. Solder wiring links between LED strip segments, for example at corners.
  7. Thread supply wires though the wiring holes to the LED strip and solder them to the strip.
  8. Connect the supply wires to the LED power supply.
  9. Connect the LED power supply to the lighting circuit.
  10. Test that the LED strip is working as expected.

Finishing the installation

  1. Slide in or clip in the LED diffuser.
  2. Clip on the cover profile by positioning it on the lower side and then pressing the top edge towards the wall until it clips into place.
  3. Press end caps onto any open ends of the channel.
  4. Enjoy your new indirect lighting feature.

Downloads for the Skirt10 LED channel

Why buy the Skirt10 LED Channel from us?

Wired4Signs offers top quality LED profiles from trusted European and USA manufactures with whom we have established strong relationships. Whereas we do not deal in cheap, low quality products from eastern copycat manufacturers. In addition, we keep our own stock in the USA for most of our product range.

We are able to offer you everything you need for your LED lighting project from LED channels and accessories to LED strips, power supplies, dimmers and RGB controllers.

In fact, Wired4Signs has many years of practical experience in LED lighting and is ready to offer your personal advice and assistance in selecting the appropriate products for your application. That's why Skirt10 LED Skirting & Baseboard Lighting Channel is a high-quality lighting solution that combines functionality and aesthetics to elevate any space.

Frequently asked questions about the Skirt10 LED lighting channel

Q) Can you cut my LED channel for me?

A) Sure! Just leave a note on your order with clear cutting instructions.

Q) Do you accept returns?

A) Yes, we will accept returns provided the product is returned as new. However, we cannot refund products which have been cut to size. Therefore, read our returns policy for all the details.

Q) Does the Skirt10 profile only work for baseboard lighting?

A) No, you could use this product for other applications such as an illuminated crown molding or ceiling cornice. Hence, use your imagination to create interesting lighting effects!

Q) But doesn't LED lighting give the room a cold feeling?

A) No, LED lighting does not need to look "cold". In fact, the warmth or coldness of lighting is known as its "color temperature" and we offer LED strips ranging from ultra-warm white to cold white. Therefore, read about choosing your LED strip for more details.

Q) I would like to add matching lighting to my existing installation - Can you supply me more of the same product?

A) We have strong relationships with our suppliers and aim for long market cycles. Therefore, as long as the manufacturer has not discontinued your required profile, we will be able to assist you.

Important notes

  • The aluminum profile is sold separately from LED strip, covers, mounting brackets, end caps, shelf/sign panels and other accessories. Please select the available components below.
  • Please note that raw or natural profiles or channels are not anodized and need to be coated or painted, or they will oxidize over time in outdoor applications. Therefore, you should take proper precautions and ensure that you adequately coat or paint the profiles to prevent any damage from outdoor exposure.
  • You can easily cut LED profiles by hand or by machine.
  • For your convenience, Wired4Signs USA can cut LED profiles according to your requirements. Please leave instructions for cutting the LED profiles in the order comment box. Furthermore, Wired4Signs USA offers a variety of customization options for LED profiles, such as drilling holes, adding notches, and creating custom lengths to fit your specific needs. Therefore, simply provide your requirements in the order comment box, and our team will work to create a tailored solution for you.
  • We can also customize a plug and play light fitting using this profile according to your specifications. Additionally, our team can provide expert advice and support to help you create the perfect lighting solution for your project.
  • We recommend double-checking the measurements before cutting LED profiles and covers to avoid any unnecessary loss. Please note that if you cut LED profiles and covers, we cannot refund or replace them.
  • We ship items in stock the same day from Knoxville, Tennessee, United States. Additionally, our team dedicates themselves to carefully packing and safely delivering all packages to their destination.
  • Bulk pricing is available on request. Moreover, for larger orders, we offer additional discounts and customized pricing to fit your project needs. All in all, please contact us to learn more about our bulk pricing options.

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These are just some of the LED lighting solutions that we offer to meet your unique needs and preferences. All things considered, our LED lighting products and accessories can transform any space into a bright, inviting, energy-efficient environment.

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