SLIM-2CV-CASAMBI Slim 2-Channel Tunable-White LED Dimmer

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Slimline 2-Channel Tunable-White LED Dimmer with Casambi ~ Model SLIM-2CV-CASAMBI

Slimline 2-Channel Tunable-White LED Dimmer with Casambi ~ Model SLIM-2CV-CASAMBI

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The SLIM-2CV-CASAMBI LED Dimmer offers exceptional performance and versatility in an extremely compact design. With two channels and constant voltage support from 12-48V, the SLIM-2CV-CASAMBI dimmer provides precise control over your LED lighting system. Its powerful capabilities ensure optimal lighting output for a wide range of applications.

This versatile dual-channel dimmer can be used to dim two independent lighting channels, or for blending two different single-color light sources to create tunable white control or dim-to-warm lighting. The miniature wireless LED dimmer is so small that you can hide it inside many of our channels, provided you don't obstruct the wireless control signal.

If you use this controller as a 2-channel dimmer, it allows you to dim two separate lighting zones. For example, you could use it in a two-way LED channel such as an up and down lighting pendant so that you can control each side of the fixture independently.

You can also use this small dimmer as to control tunable white installations and wirelessly change the color temperature of your lighting from cool white in the daytime to warm and cozy lighting in the evening.

Another function of this small LED controller is it's dim-to-warm mode. Dim-to-warm lighting is a clever combination of cool white and warm white LED strip where the controller automatically blends in more warm white as you dim the overall lighting brightness. This allows your LED lighting to mimic the familiar property of incandescent light sources that become warmer as they are dimmed.

Featuring Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless mesh technology, this dimmer allows seamless connectivity and control through the Casambi platform and smartphone app. You can effortlessly adjust and manage your lighting system from your smartphone or tablet, enjoying convenient wireless control at your fingertips wherever you are.

The SLIM-2CV-CASAMBI Dimmer also offers a configurable push-button interface, giving you the flexibility to customize the control experience. Tailor the push-button settings to match your specific needs, ensuring a user-friendly and intuitive interface for operating your lighting installation while still allowing you precise control with the smartphone app.

With its compact dimensions and narrow profile, the SLIM-2CV-CASAMBI dual-channel dimmer seamlessly integrates into any space. Whether you're working on residential, commercial, or architectural projects, this dimmer's sleek design makes it the ideal choice, even in areas with limited space.

Whether you need a mini tunable-white LED dimmer or want to have wireless control for dim-to-warm lighting, this little smart dimmer is the answer.

General specifications

  • Voltage Range: 12-48V DC
  • Max Output Power: 2x 5A or 1x 10A
  • Output channels: 2 channels (dual dimming, tunable white, dim-to-warm)
  • Input: 2x Push button
  • Bus: CASAMBI
  • Working Temperature Range: -10/+40°C
  • Dimensions: 136 x 29 x 22mm (5.35" x 1.14" x 0.86")


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