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Plaster-in Ceiling Perimeter Lighting Channel ~ Model Alu-Ceiling US

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Profile only ~ All accessories sold separately


With this easy-to-install plaster-in LED aluminum channel, you can create an elegant and smooth line of light without any visible edges for your ceiling perimeter lighting. The system is simple to install - just fix the profile in place and apply gypsum, and you're done.

Not only does Alu-Ceiling US give you a sleek, modern look, but it can also accommodate optional light reflectors made of highly polished aluminum to increase the efficiency of your LED perimeter lights. These reflectors can enhance light output by up to 18%, meaning less power consumption and more light output. With Alu-Ceiling US, you can achieve the perfect lighting balance in your space with plaster board ceilings and and LED lighting.

For installations where the end of the profile will be visible, Alu-Ceiling US can be equipped with end caps to give your installation a finishing touch. These end caps provide a polished finish to the complete luminaire and give your space a professionally neat look. Upgrade your ceiling perimeter lighting with Alu-Ceiling US, the easy and elegant solution for achieving the perfect invisible LED style for a recessed light cove.

General specifications

  • Maximum width of LED strip: 12mm
  • Maximum LED strip power: 10W/m
  • Material: Anodized aluminum


mportant notes

  • Excellent customer support.
  • Premium materials manufactured in Europe or USA.
  • Factory based in Knoxville, Tennessee with over 20 years of experience in the lighting market and we can ship to any part of the USA. 
  • Covers, end caps, and other accessories are sold separately from the aluminum profile. Select the available components below.
  • LED profiles can easily be cut by hand or by machine.
  • We are happy to build a light fitting to your specifications using this product. Please leave detailed instructions in the order comment box.

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