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4.5" Large Recessed LED Channel ~ Model RPLW116

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4.5" Recessed LED Channel ~ Model RPLW116 

RPLW116 is a new recessed architectural design Recessed LED Channel with an extra-wide diffuser of 116mm and an extra-wide (160° degree) light output angle.

It is a high capacity linear heat sink for led stripes, with an aluminum body weight of 1,4kg/m and a cooling capability higher than 55W/m @ Ta=25°C.

The design of the Recessed LED Channel internal shape was optimized to reduce the light rays bouncing what increased the light efficiency of the whole lamp. The light distribution was optimized to evenly light distribution on the whole surface of the diffuser. In total we received higher light efficiency, higher brightness (flux output) at a smaller power load of the LEDs compared to an ordinary U shape profile.

The side located LED stripes in this Recessed LED Channel give us an advantage of an extra-wide light angle, equal of 160° degrees at the very low profile of 30mm high body only. It is a perfect solution for low construction gypsum ceilings with limited space and for the installation in medium to high hang ceilings where 116mm diffuser presents itself as not too big and not too small.

Recessed LED Channel items in stock ship the same day from Knoxville, Tennesse, United States.

Bulk Pricing Available on Request

 See complete product RPLW116 Recessed LED Channel brochure here

Important Notes:

  • LED strip, diffuser, and accessories are sold separately from the aluminum profile. Please see details below this listing
  • Shipping on 3-meter lengths may differ from checkout calculation. Please contact us for more information
  • Stock items ship the same day from Knoxville, Tennesse, United States.
  • Bulk Pricing Available on Request
  • The profile was designed for our White Iris Series of High CRI LED Strip.

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