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Waterproof Sealing Gelbox for Wago 221 Inline Lever-Nut Connectors

Waterproof Sealing Gelbox for Wago 221 Inline Lever-Nut Connectors

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Condensation, heavy precipitation, powerful water jets

When moisture meets electricity, a short circuit can happen quickly. Encapsulation is a proven solution, but now reliable moisture protection for splicing connectors can be achieved even more quickly and easily with the Wago Gelbox for inline lever-nut connectors. This waterproofing solution is ready for immediate use in a wide range of low- and extra-low voltage applications wherever waterproof cable connections or waterproof cable extensions are required.

The Benefits for You:

  • Easy, fast and safe to use
  • Can be used immediately and accessed again later
  • Silicone-Free
  • Label-free
  • Suitable for indefinite storage
  • The complete system consisting of Gelboxes and Wago connectors are IPX8-certified (when used in the recommended combinations).

What is the Wago Gelbox?

The Wago Gelbox is a compact box pre-filled with silicone-free waterproofing gel. The Gelbox for inline connections is available in various sizes and provides IPX8 levels of moisture protection for Wago’s 221 Series Lever-Nut® Inline Connectors. This protection type means that the inline connectors are completely sealed against water and can be permanently immersed in water. Conventional potting compounds like polyurethane and silicone also meet IPX8 requirements, however, the Wago Gelbox’s distinctive feature is that it protects the electrical installation exactly where it matters – at the connection points – without permanently encapsulating the junction boxes. Unlike silicone-based gel, the Wago Gelbox’s silicone-free gel supports a virtually unlimited number of applications.

Where can the Gelbox be used?

The Wago Gelbox can be used in a wide range of low- and extra-low-voltage applications. However, its use differs somewhat among the specific voltage ranges because the Gelbox is primarily designed to provide environmental protection rather than electrical shock protection. For example, in low-voltage applications (e.g., 230V), the Gelboxes are intended to be used in junction boxes together with splicing connectors. This is the only way to ensure double cable insulation to protect against electric shock, since only the conductors are encapsulated in the Wago Gelbox. In SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) applications, the Wago connectors can safely be used in Gelboxes without an additional junction box.

Application examples for inline splicing

  • Bathroom installation
  • Washing facilities/irrigation systems
  • Parking lot lighting
  • Outdoor and garden lighting
  • Farms and garden centers
  • Swimming pool areas
  • Charging stations and lighting systems in ports

How is the Wago Gelbox used?

Installation is easy: Open the box, insert the connectors, close the box. In more detail: Open the Wago Gelbox, place the wired splicing connectors in the box and close the box with slight pressure. The gel completely wraps itself around the installation.

Thanks to a compact design, Wago Gelboxes can be easily accommodated in every junction box. Thanks to different housing styles, several connectors can be accommodated in one WAGO Gelbox to create additional space in the distribution box. If a circuit needs to be expanded, the boxes can be easily re-opened and quickly and reliably re-wired – a real advantage over standard electronics encapsulation. The wires that connected in the old installation can be reused for the new one. However, this requires new connectors and Gelboxes – this is the only way Wago can guarantee the high degree of protection.

Why use the Wago Gelbox?

The Wago Gelbox offers completely new, time-saving possibilities for protecting splicing connectors from moisture and the compact size means that the boxes can be easily accommodated in any junction box – regardless of whether they are mounted on the wall or under the ceiling.

First up, the time required for mixing the sealing compounds is entirely eliminated. Secondly, even more time is saved because you do not have to wait for the mixed potting compound to finally harden or dry. In addition, the gel is non-hazardous because its chemicals have already reacted, which makes the Wago Gelbox ready for immediate use. Complementing the immediate time saving, the Gelboxes are also suitable for indefinite storage so you can rest assured that your waterproofing solution will always be ready for the job. The box is already prefilled with gel and seals the connection immediately, allowing electrical systems to be deployed right after installation without interruption – quickly, easily and reliably.

Cellpack-Quality Gel: Silicone- and Label-Free

Wago relies on the proven quality of Cellpack-brand gel. This well-known potting compound manufacturer co-developed the Gelbox with Wago. The Cellpack gel used offers three main advantages over conventional encapsulation. Chief among them: The gel is silicone-free. This allows the Gelbox to be used in any branch of industry – even those where varnishes, paints and other silicone-sensitive products are used, such as the automotive industry. Secondly, the silicone-free gel has already reacted, so it is fully label-free and can be stored indefinitely. This cannot be said of all components used to manufacture potting compounds. In addition, the silicone-free gel potting compound uniquely allows a user to re-access the connection – the keyword here: re-accessibility.

General specifications

  • Application: Waterproofing/Sealing of inline connectors
  • Color: Gray
  • Housing material: Polycarbonate
  • Sealing material: Cellpack silicone-free gel
  • Environmental protection: IPX8
  • Storage: Suitable for indefinite storage periods
  • Re-use: IP8X protection is not guaranteed with re-use.
  • Compatible combinations:
    • Size 1: 2x 221-2401
    • Size 2: 3x 221-2401
    • Size 3: 5x 221-2401
    • (Note: If using fewer connectors than designed, IPX8 protection cannot be guaranteed)


  • Wago Gel Box cut sheet

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  • Bulk pricing is available on request
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